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Group Vicard’s Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Combines Sustainability, Performance and Innovation with a Positive Impact on Society and the Workplace


NAPA, June 19th, 2023- Businesses worldwide are looking for commitment from their partners to promote sustainable practices and policies while providing outstanding service and products. For 25 years, Group Vicard has been a leader in the industry, incorporating Corporate Social Responsibility into every facet of its business. At the heart of its values, the cooperage meets the requirements and high expectations of their clients in terms of quality and innovation while respecting the environment and providing a rich, diverse workplace for their valued employees. 

To achieve this, the group integrates social and environmental issues into its business strategy which is focused on 4 core areas:  

  • Integration of a sustainable supply chain by maintaining PEFC® certification and promoting the management and sustainable development of forest ecosystems.
  • Reducing our environmental footprint through 100% recovery of our wood waste, striving for 100% biodegradable packaging and reducing our energy needs by over 77% through the recovery of the group’s waste through the use of the biomass boiler and oak pellets system.
  • Human Resources policy that promotes gender equality, inclusion, fights discrimination and constantly strives to improve workplace harmony and improved occupational safety and health.
  • Focus on Social Responsibility that goes beyond a robust Human Resource policy.  The richness of a company’s community is a source of creativity and innovation, two components placed at the heart of Group VICARD’s strategy and policy. This includes options for staff with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and other disabilities.

If you would like more information about the cooperage or our products, please visit www.groupe-vicard.com  or contact Diana Masoumi at 707-927-3168 / contact@vicard-usa.com  

About Group Vicard

Created in 1925 and led by its 6th generation, the VICARD Group has always remained an independent family business. The Vicard Group owns the Vicard cooperage and Vicard Generation 7, the stainless-steel company Mangeard and Merrains du Périgord stave mill. Guided by the passion of his profession, Jean-Charles Vicard and his team combine know-how, innovations, and expertise to deliver high-quality products. Vicard produces an average of 40,000 barrels per year and hundreds of tanks and casks, 70% of which are dedicated to export. All these elements combine to make Group Vicard an international reference.



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