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Wineshipping Stops Using EPS Foam Packaging for DTC Wine Shipments   


Wineries are now able to ship wine safely without using EPS foam packaging

NAPA, CA—May 31, 2023—Wineshipping, the national leader in direct-to-consumer (DTC) wine fulfillment services is pleased to announce the end of expandable polystyrene (EPS) foam use across their network for all temperature-sensitive shipments. This step towards sustainability for the DTC wine industry includes the use of InsulShieldpackaging to replace EPS foam.

EPS foam has been used for decades to protect wine from heat exposure during shipping but is difficult to recycle, has a negative environmental impact, and is a top reason consumers complain or even refuse to order wine Direct-to-Consumer. 

“There has been an ongoing demand from wineries, wine sellers, and consumers to use sustainable packaging for DTC wine shipments. We are thrilled to offer solutions so our clients can continue to deliver on their customer experience and business objectives,” says Pawel Smolarkiewicz, Chief Officer of Experience and Innovation of Wineshipping.

Wineshipping has partnered with WestRock to develop packaging built to protect wine during direct-to-consumer delivery using InsulShield™. Made from 97% renewable corrugated board, InsulShield™ packaging is engineered to keep wine safe for 72 hours, exceeding the performance of EPS foam while greatly reducing the environmental impact and consumer inconvenience of foam packaging disposal. 

“Eliminating foam is the right thing to do for our clients and the environment,” says Randy Tucker, Chairman and CEO of Wineshipping. “With this step, Wineshipping is continuing on its journey of operational excellence and innovation to serve our clients.” 

To learn more, visit wineshipping.com/sustainable-packaging

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Wineshipping is a tech-enabled third-party logistics (3PL) provider for alcoholic beverage companies, managing the fastest, most accurate, and most cost-efficient delivery network in the US for wine and more. Visit wineshipping.com.



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