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Famiglie Storiche in the United States to Share Amarone’s Story: Fine and Contemporary Wine


New York, Houston and Miami are hosting masterclasses and events to promote the Famiglie Storiche Association’s Amarone, a contemporary wine that deserves its place among the world’s finest fine wines.

May 2023, Verona – Famiglie Storiche, the association of 13 producers of Amarone della Valpolicella established in 2009 and chaired today by Pierangelo Tommasi, landed for three extraordinary masterclasses in New York, Houston and Miami, the focus of these events is the promotion of Amarone as a contemporary wine and its positioning as a fine wine in a key market like the United States.

“A contemporary wine, with an elegant style that has evolved over time, while still remaining faithful to the territory to which it belongs, to the techniques of vinification, withering and aging, which have been handed down for generations,” says Pierangelo Tommasi, “All fine wine characteristics, in full respect for the territory, the vintage and the hand of man. A style that the consumer seeks because it is original and identifiable and, because today it is a harmonious and elegant wine, which allows greater ease of pairing with food and pleasure in the glass.”

“It is very important for Famiglie Storiche to have the opportunity to tell an important audience like the United States about its territory and its wines. Thanks to the involvement of three internationally esteemed speakers such as Jeff Porter, Jeremy Parzen and Lyn Farmer, we are sure to export, in addition to the passion of all our members, our idea of Amarone.” continues Vice President Giuseppe Rizzardi. “Amarone continues to be a wine that is always in the top positions of liking and consumption trends, it was essential to resume traveling as an association and present ourselves united in a market, the U.S. market, primary for us and for Italian wine, but especially in cities like New York, Houston and Miami main squares for fine wine.” concludes Vice President Luca Speri.

The first masterclass was held on Monday, May 1st at Glasshouses Chelsea in New York, led by Jeff Porter the second appointment took place on Wednesday, May 3rd, at the Zaza Museum District hotel in Houston, with Jeremy Parzen and the cycle will conclude on Thursday, May 4th, at the Miami Culinary Institute with Lyn Farmer.
Three different speakers, one for each city in which Famiglie Storiche is stopping, but the same format for all the dates, so as to encourage precise insights into the association’s producers and their Amarone. Each date includes, in fact, a masterclass entitled “Amarone: fine and contemporary” dedicated to operators and the press, followed by a walk-around tasting themed Amarone, Valpolicella, Ripasso and Recioto.
The topics covered during the masterclasses refer to the territory and its production variables, the culture of appassimento, longevity and, finally, contemporaneity with the possible pairings of wine with international types of cuisine and different occasions of consumption. All to convey a message from Historic Families to consolidate the project of Amarone’s identity as fine wine and contemporary wine.

Famiglie Storiche

Famiglie Storiche is the Association created in June 2009 by the union of 10 historic producers in the Valpolicella region. Today it includes 13 members, all of which are prestigious wineries that have been active ambassadors for several generations of “the world of Amarone”: Allegrini, Begali, Brigaldara, Guerrieri Rizzardi, Masi, Musella, Speri, Tedeschi, Tenuta Sant’Antonio, Tommasi, Torre D’Orti, Venturini and Zenato.
These Families, who together bring to fruition a heritage consolidated by each of them over the course of time, as well as a constant commitment to quality in promoting the exceptional wine that goes by the name of Amarone, all have their roots in the fundamental values of history and craftsmanship, expressed in a whole host of different ways. Their efforts are aimed at making known and safeguarding not only their wines, but also one of Italy’s most strategic wine production zones, Valpolicella.

Famiglie Storiche represent:

History: they have belonged to the world of Valpolicella for a great many years and they are deeply rooted in it.

Passion: more than just vine-growers, they are custodians of their terroir.

A Project: the Association was created with the precise goal of bearing witness to the values of a region and a denomination that have no equal anywhere in the world.



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