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Farandole, the Global NFT Marketplace for Wine Joins Wokenwine, Specialists in the Traceability of Grand Crus

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Luxembourg, May 2, 2023 – WokenWine, the platform that specializes in the traceability of Grand Crus, has today announced that Wine & NFT Marketplace, Farandole, is joining its teams to boost its presence in this rapidly expanding sector and accelerate its platform’s growth. This strategic alliance will enable it to consolidate its global offer aimed at all those interested in prestige wines. Producers, wine professionals and collectors will be able to track and verify the movements of bottles from their place of production and have access to a marketplace serving both B2C and C2C.

Valéry Lux, co-founder of WokenWine, explained: ” Farandole and WokenWine both aspire to give back control of their ecosystem to those involved in the world of fine wines. The new platform will better address the question of confidentiality in B2B transactions, as well as issues concerning the uptake of buying prestige wines online. This alliance represents a major step forward in the confirmation and operational rollout of our vision, which is to regard only certificates issued by the producers themselves as relevant in the coming years.”

This strategic alliance means shared development projects can now be speeded up, so as to ensure that linking each bottle to a digital certificate issued by its producer offers buyers a guarantee of a wine’s authenticity and provenance. To do this, those working on the project will benefit from the significant experience of specialists in the world of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs.

Maxime Hamonic, Chief Product Officer, and entrepreneur, brings extensive experience in the fintech sector, and is a specialist in blockchain (notably the development of wallets and the launch of NFT collections) in Europe and Asia.

Robin Sarfati, Chief Technology Officer and entrepreneur, is an expert in open data in the health sector, and has also collaborated on numerous blockchain projects such as cryptocurrency trading and multichain architecture.

Josselin Bloy, Full Stack Developer, specialist in blockchain development.
In charge of developing the shared platform, the Cometh development studio – the big name in blockchain in France he will add an extra dimension to this alliance by building on collaborations on blockchain projects for Lacoste, la Française des Jeux, and Darewise.

About WokenWine

WokenWine brings together producers of premium wines with a common, easily recognizable certificate, just like the GIA certification universally adopted by jewelers. By creating a benchmark platform accessible to consumers, WokenWine aims to establish a certification standard and create an internationally-recognized certificate. Our mission is threefold:

TO UNITE producers of fine wines within a single system of traceability that end consumers can easily recognize, TO PROTECT producers, wine professionals, and consumers from fraud and counterfeit, TO CONNECT wine enthusiasts with the best producers and professionals in a community with a shared desire for transparency.

About Farandole

Launched in April 2021 by Maxime Hamonic and Robin Sarfati, Farandole is a pioneering platform in wines, spirits, and NFTs. Pursuant to its goal of developing a Web3 project that facilitates transactions in wines and spirits via their digital double, Farandole organized the first Wine & NFT auction for Toques et Clochers in 2022, and collaborated with the Maison Bouey for the sale of NFTs of their Bordeaux en primeurs 2022.

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