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“Bringing Its Own Energy” to the Willamette Valley—Artist Block Is a Creative Haven


Artist Block Gallery & Tasting Room coming to Dundee, OR May 1, 2023. 

Dundee, OR March 10, 2023 – Artist Block Wine is painting outside the lines of Oregon’s traditional wine industry as they launch their new tasting room, art studio, and gallery in Dundee, Oregon this May at 9650 NE Fox Lane. This is the first tasting room that will feature artists and winemakers as a part of its core mission, to promote new young creative talent . The first of its kind originated by a female entrepreneur, making history during Women’s History Month. 

Entrepreneur and Artist Anna Sweet, is at the forefront of the Oregon wine industry as she launches a refreshingly one-of-a-kind wine brand. With winemaker Bree Stock MW, at the helm of the first limited edition and individually hand numbered and signed release of six avant garde wines, christened with names like “Rainbow Juice” and “Thicc Sister,” this female duo has their eyes set on bringing an edgy, artistic, and innovative voice to Oregon’s traditional wine community. 

Anna Sweet is a Manhattan School of Visual Arts dropout success story. Her art has been represented in renowned collections across the globe and coveted by collectors worldwide. Anna conceived of Artist Block in 2019 when she and her husband purchased a vineyard in the acclaimed wine region of the Dundee Hills, Oregon. Her aim was to create a brand that championed young creative talent and the symbiotic relationship between art and wine. 

Artist Block is proud to host Bree Stock as their resident Winemaker and mentor to a community of young winemakers. Bree, Oregon’s only Female Master of Wine, is a vinous imagineer that brings a global perspective to Oregon from her work in wine regions on nearly every continent. A committed educator and industry leader holding roles with the Oregon Wine Board, NW Wine Coalition and Assemblage Diversity in Wine. Stock describes herself as a “doer and dreamer.” As a winemaker, Bree believes that Oregon wine country is a place filled with unlimited potential. “Our success is limited only by our imaginations, and by the vinestock available to us.”

Artist Block’s Tasting room will feature modern architecture by Portland based firm, Linden Brown, in the heart of the brand’s vineyards. The space will be an intimate tasting room featuring seasonal flights from bright young Oregon winemakers and a fully functioning art studio, hosting a rotating artist in residency. The gallery will house nearly 100+ original artworks from emerging artists around the world – kicking off with Anna herself. Each artist in residency will display their work for 3 months as they use a designated space open to tasters to develop their current projects. 

The mission of Artist Block, in the words of Sweet: “It’s time to throw some color into the Willamette Valley. At Artist Block, we strive to bring ingenuity, inclusion, and inspiration to the Dundee Hills. For so long, the wine industry has been one dimensional; churning out wines that taste the same and look the same – for all the same people. I want Artist Block to be the future of wine. A place to be shared with a group of people from diverse backgrounds with one thing in common: a thirst for creative expression.” 

Since the conception of Artist Block Wine nearly five years ago, the brand has become much more than just a wine label. Artist Block’s tasting room will be a meeting place where wine and art collectors can discover exclusive new talent, where companies can envision their future, and where creatives can network and inspire each other. Artist Block is a place to push ideas outside of the barrel. 

Reservations can be made through the Artist Block instagram @artistblockwine 

Anna Sweet has been featured in Business Insider, Design Milk, GQ (UK), My Modern Met, The Garnet Report, and is willing to offer additional comments and information on her new brand, Artist Block.



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