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The Montecucco DO Appellation Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary with a New Logo

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 The logo was created in collaboration with the prestigious European Design Institute, IED from Florence

New York, NY, April 26, 2023 – The year 2023 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Montecucco DO appellation from Tuscany. The Consorzio di Tutela Vini Montecucco celebrated this important milestone at the 55th edition of Vinitaly unveiling its new logo and with a special historical tasting with some older Montecucco vintages from the year 2000. 

The wines from Montecucco boast a millenary tradition. Located in the heart of Maremma, on the slopes of Monte Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, the area offers ideal conditions for viticulture, allowing for the establishment of the promising Montecucco DO 25 years ago. It all began in the late nineties, when a small group of dynamic, pioneering winemakers decided to show to the world that, in a small patch of Tuscan land, disputed between the municipalities of Arcidosso, Campagnatico, Castel del Piano, Cinigiano, Civitella Paganico, Roccalbegna and Seggiano in the province of Grosseto, there was a unique and distinguishable Sangiovese, with its own personality, completely different from that of its neighboring cousins. The proximity to the great DOs of Tuscany did not intimidate the producers, who, on the contrary, strengthened the territorial identity of this smaller reality.

Thus, in 1998 a buzzing Montecucco DO was born. Established with an organic vocation since its origin, today the Montecucco wine consortium  counts 68 members, about 1.2 million bottles, 500 hectares of vineyards, and 80% organic certified production. It is a story marked by growth, successes and obstacles; nevertheless it has allowed the small Tuscan denomination to position itself in the international scene. In a global market that is becoming increasingly competitive with wine consistently reaching higher quality levels, Montecucco sees 60% of its annual total bottles exported. The main destinations are North America, Northern Europe, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, but there is a significant presence also in Asian countries, starting with Japan.

Above all, Montecucco is a denomination that has been able to revendicate and preserve its own interpretation of Sangiovese showcasing  its own uniqueness.

“This is the real winning card of Montecucco.” says Giovan Battista Basile, President of the Consortium “The capacity of these Sangiovese wines to completely and authentically reflect the territory. Authenticity that is further enhanced by the producers’ sensitivity to environmental issues. We deal with an intact territory, which I have had the opportunity to experience firsthand since the end of the 90s: we are not talking only about vineyards, but also about the originality of the territory, respect for biodiversity and agronomic practices in harmony with the environment”.

The anniversary was celebrated at the last edition of Vinitaly, which was also the perfect occasion for the DO Montecucco to unveil its new consortium logo, born from a restyling project developed in collaboration with the European Design Institute IED Firenze. 

In May 2022, 13 students were called to renew the logo of the Consortium, projecting the centuries-old tradition of viticulture and agriculture into a future perspective of the world and wine communication. The students took inspiration from the value the Consortium brings to the local community, its strong link with the territory and the human footprint left in the region since the time of the Etruscans. The designs were then examined by the Consortium, which proclaimed Damini Rathore, an international student from India, as the winner. The logo she designed evokes the topography of the Montecucco region – the seven lines represent the seven municipalities – combining it with an elegant but contemporary character that demonstrates the Consortium’s desire to look into the future while remaining faithful to the roots and principles that brought it to the international scene. “We are really satisfied with the new logo and surprised by the infinite creative ideas that all the students have provided us over the past few months”, commented Patrizia Chiari, Owner of Tenuta L’Impostino and Key Advisor of the initiative within the BoD of the Montecucco Consortium. “It is extraordinary how Damini has managed to give a fresh and modern image to a centuries-old tradition like ours: with her work she has been able to enclose the history of Montecucco in a sophisticated visual identity that is at the same time contemporary”.

The celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Montecucco DO continued at Vinitaly with an historical  tasting of old Montecucco vintages. The masterclass was conducted by Italian Wine Expert and Storyteller Filippo Bartolotta, and highlighted the mesmerizing evolution of Amiata reds and whites from the year 2000 up to the latest vintages. 

About the Montecucco Consortium (Consorzio Tutela Vini Montecucco):

Founded in 2000 and representing 68 wine producers, the Montecucco Consortium is committed to the stewardship, protection and promotion of the Montecucco wine denomination. The consortium ensures high quality through a set of formal production guidelines for the entire winemaking process, from cultivation to bottling, including a strict traceability system that allows consumers to know the origin of each wine purchased. The consortium’s ability to provide day in and day out support to local growers, assist in brand promotion and focus on the quality of the end product have earned the organization the trust of numerous leading estates and attracted some of Italy’s most renowned producers. For more information visit consorziomontecucco.it.

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