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Howell Mountain’s Le Colline Net-Zero Vineyard Operation Is a First for Napa Valley 


Above and Beyond Concerns for Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions, Napa County’s Approval of the Le Colline Vineyard Includes Fire Mitigation and New Access Points for First Responders 

ANGWIN, CALIF. (April 12, 2023): Le Colline Vineyard, located in Napa Valley’s famed Howell Mountain AVA near the town of Angwin, announces Napa County’s approval of ECP# P14-00410, including a condition of approval for the 88-acre property that will require 20.5 net vineyard acres to operate at net-zero loss of carbon sequestration. 

“Though we recognize Napa Valley vineyards generally operate at less than significant GHG emission levels, our Le Colline vineyard project demonstrates how new vineyard conversions can create fair and effective environmental solutions to help Napa County reach its long-term climate goals,” said Dave DiCesaris, co-owner, Le Colline Vineyard. 

Above and beyond the vineyard’s emissions of GHGs are growing concerns for forest management and fire mitigation. 

“After being evacuated during the Glass Fire, it became clear that how we manage our forestland is a serious issue that will largely determine the long term economic and environmental viability of our Le Colline project and the Napa Valley.” said DiCesaris. “We volunteered to create an environmentally responsible agricultural project that provides the financial resiliency needed to protect and preserve our private forestland while achieving meaningful long term fire mitigation and environmental objectives.” 

The retention of approximately 70% of the existing forestland coupled with an on-site tree planting program and the use of electric tractors and transport vehicles are the primary reasons “net zero” is achievable with the Le Colline project. 

In addition to the net zero initiative, the Le Colline vineyard project, which maintains a distance of approximately ¼ mile from Linda Falls, was specifically designed to avoid 100% of habitats of limited distribution and sensitive habitat types, protecting biodiversity on site and in Napa County. 

Le Colline’s proposed groundwater usage is also compliant with Napa County’s Water Availability Analysis policies, the Governor’s Drought Emergency Executive Order N-7-22 and consistent with Napa County’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Plan recently approved by the State of California. 



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