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Medlock Ames Receives Regenerative Organic Certification, Reaffirming 25 Year Commitment to Land Preservation and Ethical Farming 


One of the first wineries in the United States to receive prestigious certification that elevates  standards of land stewardship and fairness to workers 

Healdsburg, Calif., April 6, 2023 –Medlock Ames is awarded the Regenerative Organic Alliance’s Regenerative Organic  Certification – the first winery in Sonoma County and one of the first in the world to achieve  this designation. The Regenerative Organic Certified designation sets the highest standard  for farms to demonstrate their commitment to worker fairness, soil health, and humane  conditions for animals, in addition to maintaining their organic certification. 

Regenerative farming practices are widely recognized for their ability to reduce greenhouse  gas emissions and enhance biodiversity, but they also make good business sense by  eliminating the need to purchase fertilizers and pesticides. By emphasizing worker fairness  and a commitment to paying a living wage, regenerative farms have a competitive  advantage in finding and retaining top talent.  

Some of the regenerative vineyard practices that Medlock Ames has adopted include  composting, cover cropping with a diverse array of native flowering plants, eliminating  tillage, and grazing sheep in the vineyard. These practices have led to reduced water use,  increased biodiversity and soil organic matter which are important indicators of vineyard  health. The company has also implemented a practice of including vineyard workers in the  decision-making process, recognizing their valuable insight and experience.  

Winery co-founder Ames Morison, who converted Bell Mountain Vineyard to certified  organic in 2006, explains, “We just celebrated our 25th harvest. Throughout the past quarter century we’ve worked hard to treat our land with respect. We need to take care of it so that  it takes care of us. As we imagine the world we want to live in for our next 25 years, we felt  we needed to do more. Going to Regenerative Organic was the logical next step for us.” 

When asked about the impact of regenerative farming on wine quality, Winemaker Abby  Watt says, “We can definitely taste the improvement in the wine as we made this change to  our farming practices. Regenerative farming has created more balance in the vineyard.  Even with warmer conditions and less water, we are able to pick a little earlier with optimal flavor while holding onto more of our precious acidity and benefiting from less alcohol. The  soils at Bell Mountain are more alive than ever before and you can taste that vibrancy and  true terroir in the wines.” 

For more information about Medlock Ames’ wines, history, new releases and upcoming  events, please visit www.medlockames.com and follow Medlock Ames on Instagram and  Facebook at @medlockames.  

About Medlock Ames

Medlock Ames Winery was formed in 1998 by college best friends,  Ames Morison and Chris Medlock James. Their shared passion for wine inspired them to  leave their New York City apartment and move across the country to produce award winning wines from Sonoma’s Bell Mountain Ranch, which straddles the Alexander and  Russian River Valleys. The winery is deeply committed to preserving Bell Mountain Vineyard  and its surrounding areas; co-founder Ames Morison is a vocal supporter of organic, light touch agricultural practices and gentle winemaking techniques to unearth the purest  representations of the terroir. Today, Medlock Ames specializes in Sonoma Cabernet  Sauvignon, which balances the Old and New World in style and technique.



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