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WINEGRID Awarded at Enomaq’s Technical Innovations Contest


February 17th – WINEGRID‘s cutting-edge Second Fermentation Monitoring System has been recognized with the prestigious Technical Innovations Contest award, presented on the first day of ENOMAQ 2023, a trade fair in Spain that focus on technology for the winemaking industry. This innovative system includes two devices, namely e-aphrom for the champenoise method, and e-charmat for the charmat method. With the Second Fermentation Monitoring System, the oenologist is now able to maintain a constant pressure throughout the second fermentation process and therefore to get a consistent perlage in the produced wine.

WINEGRID’s ongoing commitment to technological advances and excellence in the winemaking industry has once again been recognised by prominent members of the industry, adding to WINEGRID’s impressive list of awards and being a testament to its continued efforts to keep delivering innovative solutions to the market.

The contest aims to acknowledge the technological advancements made by companies investing in R&D&I, and WINEGRID’s innovative solutions for winemaking have earned them this distinction. With this award, WINEGRID  has solidified its position as a key player in the field of winemaking monitoring.

This ceremony took place durIng a gala, in which were present the president of Feria Zaragoza, Manuel Teruel, the president of the Technical Novelties Competition jury, Ernesto Franco, and the director general of Agri-Food Promotion and Innovation of the Aragon Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Carmen Urbano. This contest was exclusive for ENOMAQ-OLEOMAQ-E-BEER 2023 exhibitors.

Other recent awards

WINEGRID, along with G3 Enterprises and Diemme Enologia, achieved success by winning the Technology Innovation Award for their innovative Digital Juice System at the end of 2022. This project has started from the partnership between DIEMME EnologiaWINEGRID and G3 Enterprises. This technological innovation stands out in the international overview for being the first analytical device that autonomously and smartly conducts all the working cycles of the press, by using specific algorithms, IoT technology, A.I., advanced sensors and the interconnection that can be used by a wide range of devices (PC, tablet, smartphone).

WINEGRID has also been recognised by WICA by EPAWI as a system that offers the solution to face the main challenges in the winemaking industry, identified by more than 800 wine producers.EPAWI’s project brings together 4 clusters – Inno’vinAgroFood & Bioeconomy agencyINNOVI and ADVID with the aim of launching and establishing the Wine Innovation Collaboration Alliance – WICA.


WINEGRID is a leading provider of innovative solutions for digitalizing winemaking: from the grape to the bottle. Its patented real-time and remote monitoring technology enables a proactive and predictive approach to the winemaking process with state-of-the-art precision. Based on innovative sensors, advanced algorithms, and AI, WINEGRID Systems contribute to increasing productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing oenological decision-making, being already used by renowned wine producers all over the world.

WINEGRID is a trademark of WATGRID SA for the wine industry.



WATGRID is a Portuguese company focused on the development of innovative technological solutions for process digitization in any liquid related industries.



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