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Claret Brings Supply Chain Clarity to Wine and Spirits


Napa, CA – January 20, 2023 – ZAM Apps, Inc. is happy to announce Claret, the only supply chain planning platform tailored specifically for the wine and spirits industries.  The official debut will occur at the 2023 Unified Symposium trade show on January 25th and 26th at booth 2102.

From forecasting depletions to identifying long-term crop supply risks, Claret provides a one-number approach to support a company’s planning efforts. It is a perfect fit for business processes like Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) and Integrated Business Planning (IBP).

“Everyone in wine and spirits is doing some sort of planning and forecasting.” Shawn Zizzo, ZAM Apps founder and CEO, said. “The common issue I have seen is that there are pockets of planning packed into complicated and versioned spreadsheets that don’t connect or reconcile. The intent is there, but the approach is off, resulting in missed opportunities, inventory stock outs and becoming flat-footed when parts of the supply chain break down.”

Claret is a data-driven solution based on the simple premise that there is one demand number that drives the supply chain. This platform helps companies identify how a shift in a forecasted demand can impact inventory at the distributor, stock at the supplier and crop commitments into the out years.

Claret has been in the works for over two years. With steady releases of new features along the way benefiting our key, strategic customers. Now is the time to share the power of planning packed into Claret with a broader audience.

“When you combine our passion for the wine and spirits industries with the passion of crafting user-friendly software and then sprinkle in 25 years of supply chain planning experience, you get Claret,” stated Shawn Zizzo.

Are you looking for some supply chain clarity? Consider Claret.


ZAM Apps, Inc. is a Napa, CA based software firm that crafts business web and mobile applications for the wine and spirits industries. Founded in 2010, ZAM Apps has developed and released vital planning tools for BevAlc. From vinoEZ, the only winery operations planning tool, to EZplan, a simple-to-use supply chain planning application used across wine and spirits.



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