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7th Annual Las Vegas Global Wine & Spirit Awards Announces 2023 Dates


January 16th – Las Vegas, Nevada. – The Las Vegas Global Wine and Spirit Awards announce that the 7th Annual competitions will be held June 5th – 7th for WINES and June 12th – 14th for SPIRITS at the Tropicana Hotel.  Featuring judge’s panels consisting of Industry buyers, trade experts, wine media publications, leading writers and distributors, the LVGWSA continues its place as the first and preeminent Wine & Spirit competitions in Las Vegas.


The Las Vegas Global Wine and Spirit Awards will continue to only blind judge “what’s in the bottle.”

“It is vital to the credibility and success of the competitions that brands that enter understand that the only thing taken into consideration for judging is the liquid itself,” said Tim McDonald, Chairman of the Judges, Las Vegas Global Wine Awards. “ The panels we assemble every year are known experts specifically in the quality of the liquid they are presented, and therefore it is the wine’s typicity that we judge.”  LVGWA judge panel awards include medals of Platinum for unanimous consensus and each wine receives a score between 96-100 points and Gold receives 90-95 points.

For the 4th year in a row the LVGWSA continues as the only competition in the USA that offers select winners the opportunity to receive immediate distribution in the most competitive and lucrative wine and spirits market in the world, Las Vegas.

“I am extremely excited to announce the dates and entry information for the 2023 Las Vegas Global Wine & Spirit Awards. For 2023 we have expanded the pool of and relationships with local distributors who are going to expand their portfolios with select winners from this year’s competitions,” said Eddie Rivkin CEO & Executive Director of the Las Vegas Global Wine & Spirit Awards.  “This opportunity is unlike any offered in the American wine and spirits competition space and gives brands a chance to “skip the line” and save time and  tens of thousands of dollars in pursuit of a distribution deal in Las Vegas.”

The Las Vegas Global Spirit Awards is an annual event that brings together the finest of the spirits industry. Globally recognized industry mixologists, trade spirits experts, distributors, publication editors and writers will gather in Las Vegas on June 5th – 7th WINES and June 12th – 14th  SPIRITS at the Tropicana Hotel.   Wine and Spirits are graded using Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze medals and the results are distributed globally via social media, print and to over 20,000 distribution channels.



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