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Prominent Washington Wine Family Captures the Essence of the Pacific Northwest with Launch of Feather & Folly Gin


Newly Released Premium Grape-Based Gin Joins Monson Family’s Expanding Spirits Business 

BENTON CITY, WA – January 10, 2023 – Introducing Feather & Folly Copper Pot Distilled Premium Gin, from the Monson Family, the team behind Goose Ridge Estate Vineyards and Winery, located in the Columbia Valley of Washington State. The handcrafted gin is distilled from sustainably farmed Goose Ridge Estate Cabernet Sauvignon grapes grown within the Goose Gap AVA and infused with six unique botanicals thoughtfully sourced in the Pacific Northwest and from around the world. Feather & Folly is the latest addition to the Monson Family’s growing line of premium spirits, including VIDO Vodka.

Feather & Folly offers a soaring and seductive gin experience that includes a proprietary “batch 5” recipe featuring six unique botanicals. The backbone of the blend comes from local Washington juniper berries combined with Angelica, coriander, licorice root, orange zest and rare black lime from the Middle East. This botanical mix creates a balance between merriment and mischief, seeking to capture the playful, curious energy of the Pacific Northwest. 

“Using a grape-based spirit with fruit from our estate vineyards enables us to tap into the unique aspects of the Goose Gap appellation. Feather & Folly highlights this terroir as we layer in our own distinct mix of botanicals,” explained Brian Morton, Master Distiller for Feather & Folly. “The end result is a uniquely expressive gin featuring a fruit-forward style that benefits from the tart notes of the black lime and orange zest balanced by the savory notes of licorice root and a hint of nutty aromas from the coriander.”

The Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes from the Goose Ridge estate are fermented before being distilled through two 25-foot columns with 24 copper plates at Monson Ranch Distillers. After distilling each batch to over 190 proof, the botanicals are macerated and copper pot distilled, which separates all non-essential oils, keeping only the most flavorful botanicals. Following this double distillation, the gin is chill filtered and blended using pure water to showcase the essence of the botanicals.

“Our fast-growing spirits business is a unique partnership between the third and fourth generations of Monsons that began with the launch of VIDO Vodka, an homage to our father Arvid Monson in 2020,” said Bill Monson, Goose Ridge Vineyard and Winery President. “With today’s announcement of Feather & Folly Gin, our family continues to innovate and expand on ways of bringing not only Washington wine, but also Washington spirits to today’s consumers.”

Feather & Folly will launch in Washington, California, Alaska and on the Feather & Folly website ($35 SRP), before expanding nationally. Consumers can also try the new gin along with VIDO Vodka at the Goose Ridge Tasting Rooms in Woodinville and Richland. For more information visit http://www.drinkfeatherandfolly.com/

About Feather & Folly

It all starts with 100% estate grown and sustainably farmed wine grapes from Goose Ridge Vineyards in eastern Washington, where a balanced and sustainable ecosystem relies upon the predatory birds, insects and snakes to co-exist, ensuring a thriving, nutrient-rich environment for the vines. This unique interaction among the wildflowers and cover crops resembles a well-choreographed dance celebrated by Feather & Folly. Feather & Folly Gin is copper pot distilled at Monson Ranch Distillers from wine grapes and infused with six unique botanicals. The backbone of the blend comes from local Washington juniper berries combined with Angelica, black lime, coriander, licorice root and orange zest thoughtfully sourced from around the world. Feather & Folly Gin finds balance between merriment and mischief. Capturing the playful, curious spirit within us all.



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