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All Things Nice Launches Its Flagship Wine Retail Store – The Wine Cellar at Malabar Hill


All Things Nice, India’s leading consultancy for wine and spirits has announced the launch of its flagship store in Mumbai’s premium real estate.

Mumbai, January 10th: Close on the heels of organizing the very successful ProWine Mumbai show, All Things Nice – India’s most established consultancy for wine and spirits forayed into the much-coveted modern retail space for premium wines.

All Things Nice is the brainchild of Sommelier Nikhil Agarwal, India’s finest wine and spirits expert, writer and judge. He is known to have raised the bar for wine, spirits and luxury gastronomical events in India.

Given its stellar background, opening a highly specialised wine store seems to be a natural forward progression for the brand.

The Wine Cellar by All Things Nice is well located in the upper echelons of distinguished Malabar Hill. The store is quaintly designed to resemble a fine wine cellar, adding to its aesthetic appeal. The wine rage list boasts hundreds of quality wine labels from every wine-producing region. To take wine retail a step forward, Nikhil will be easily available to all customers to guide them on wine purchases, gifting and wine pairings. The wines are well stored, temperature-controlled and presented assuring customers of quality purchases.

Nikhil Agarwal, was in an ebullient mood as he looks at the trends shaping the future of the Wine & Spirits sector in India. “Modern retail stores are definitely the need of the hour for the now well-honed wine drinkers in the city, who want to know what else is out there and who care enough to want to know the history behind their drink.”

“The Wine Cellar offers great varieties of wine from across the globe and across all price ranges. We are excited that consumers can taste a wide range of wines at our wine tastings and wine dinners and then take it a step forward by purchasing the wines directly from our store. We needed a place where wine buying decisions go beyond price and availability” says Agarwal.

All Things Nice not only offers consultancy to restaurants, hotels, retail chains, airlines and Indian and international brands in the luxury food and drink sector but also represents The Edinburgh Whiskey Academy in India and conducts certified training courses on their behalf. The company has also pioneered the prestigious annual ‘Indian Wine Consumer’s Choice Awards’ a platform for consumers to rank Indian and international wines according to their choice, irrespective of brand and price.



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