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New Year, New Solutions: Innovative Compliance Software Offers Growth Through Technology


A passion for tax compliance isn’t the primary reason most people enter the wine industry, but for Michael Dominguez, dedication to this discipline has been a consistent theme for almost a decade.

His journey began with 8 years at Gruet Winery, where Dominguez held management positions in compliance and operations. He ultimately became the Director of Operations, responsible for producing over 200K cases of wine annually. However, the majority of his time was still devoted to local, state, and jurisdiction compliance.

“As a winery manager, I spent a lot of my time on product registrations, tax calculations and shipment verifications. This alone was a full-time job and one that had to be organized and accurate,” Dominguez explains. I set manual calendar reminders for state shipping and other renewal deadlines. “Most people don’t realize how complex managing compliance is, particularly in this industry,” he recalls. “I knew there had to be a better way.”

Michael Dominguez

Intrigued by its impressive resources and partners, Dominguez joined the beverage alcohol team at Avalara, a leading provider of cloud-based tax and compliance solutions. Avalara for Beverage Alcohol helps mitigate compliance risk with an automated product suite to streamline the process for wineries, breweries, distilleries, importers, retailers, marketplaces, and delivery apps.

“If I’d known about Avalara, I’d have used them in a heartbeat. At the time, I kept track of the DTC and wholesale state shipping requirements with a manual checklist,” Dominguez recalls. “With the emergence of more DTC shipping options and the ability to streamline processes, Avalara technology can help expand a geographic footprint and help stimulate growth.”

Avalara for Beverage Alcohol products include: licensing, returns, product registrations, shipping verification, and calculations. AvaTax, for instance, calculates, assesses, and stores tax types for multiple jurisdictions in a central location.

“The benefit of outsourcing is the peace of mind from knowing it will be accurate,” Dominguez points out. “Instead of learning a new skill set, you’ll save precious time for the things that matter most, like making wine.”

Beyond game-changing compliance solutions, Avalara for Beverage Alcohol also offers resources and information on compliance changes in the industry.

“Our team of subject matter experts is devoted to informing beverage alcohol businesses, whether you’re a customer or not. Anyone can visit our website and find timely webinarsblogscase studies, and whitepapers,” notes Holly Williams, Avalara Senior Prospect Marketing Manager.

Adds Dominguez, “What separates Avalara is our beverage alcohol team has expertise beyond just software and compliance. Many of us have worked in the industry, which helps to shape the resources and products we offer. We understand the unique and complex situations that face our customers every day.”

To learn more, visit: www.avalara.com/beverage-alcohol.html

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