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Sommsation, the Destination for Unique Wine Experiences, Launches Their Wine Marketplace


Offering great wines from independent wineries nationwide

WEST CHESTER, PA – October 19, 2022 – Sommsation, a nationwide wine experience platform, announced today the launch of their wine marketplace, a direct-to-consumer online storefront featuring unique, exquisite wines from some of the world’s best independent wineries. By populating their marketplace with a premium combination of select wines, Sommsation gives consumers access to an unrivaled shopping experience and wine adventure.

Sommsation’s Marketplace is a unique destination where you can shop and learn about world-class wines from the best winemakers in the country and have them shipped directly to your door. Sommsation’s expert product team works closely with each of their winery partners to curate the wine selections on their marketplace. Each winery has its own landing page on Sommsation.com, where consumers can effortlessly navigate the variety of exceptional and one-of-a-kind wine offerings, highlighting the wine producer’s story and the regions in which they are produced.

“We are delighted to launch Sommsation’s marketplace for wine enthusiasts throughout the country,” says Danielle Diliberti, CEO of Sommsation. “The marketplace will provide convenient access to an array of unbelievable wines from world-class, independent wineries that most people would otherwise never have discovered.”

The Marketplace is the go-to place for:

  • Shoppers looking for expert-selected, premium wines that are not typically found in their local wine shop to enjoy for themselves or give as a gift to a friend or colleague
  • Customers who have experienced aSommsation tasting and want to purchase the wines from their tasting, with doorstep delivery
  • Wine buyers looking to stock up on vintages or wineries they enjoy, or try a new bottle that looks interesting based on their preferences

“As technologists, we’re probably most proud of the API that is under the hood,” says Matt Hessinger, CTO of Sommsation. “What this means for wine lovers around the country is smooth and user-friendly access to a wide variety of phenomenal wines.”

The marketplace is a state-of-the-art website that allows consumers to choose and customize their own wine journeys. Another key element for discovery is sharing the stories behind the wines to create a relationship between the customer and the winery that is engaging, educational, and impactful. This is a crucial aspect that Sommsation considers when choosing their winery partners and highlights those stories on the marketplace so the consumer can be a part of that journey.

To explore Sommsation’s new marketplace and the magical world of independent wines, check out Sommsation.com.

About Sommsation

Sommsation is a modern wine experience platform and online marketplace connecting consumers with world-class sommeliers and top-tier winemakers around the world. Artfully arranged wine tastings feature hidden gems from independent wineries, paired with expert insights from their team of engaging sommeliers. The user-oriented marketplace allows access to a wide range of exquisite wines not easily sourced or found. Sommsation handles all the details, making it easy to expand your own mind and palate — and the minds and palates of friends, family, and colleagues – wherever, whenever.



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