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Olé & Obrigado Announces Achievement of Carbon Neutral Status 


Leading importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal partnered with CarbonHero to offset 100% of its carbon emissions as part of its wider sustainability commitment 

New York, NY — Olé & Obrigado, an importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal, today announced it is one of the first wine importers to achieve carbon neutral status by offsetting 100% of its carbon emissions generated by shipping wine to distributors, restaurants, and retailer partners across America, as well as the administrative and commuting functions of its employees. Details of its sustainability and emissions breakdown are released in the “Olé & Obrigado Carbon Neutrality.”

“Achieving carbon neutrality shows that our commitment to sustainability is not only the right thing to do for our world, but it’s a business imperative, and it inspires other wine companies to take tangible actions today,” said Patrick Mata, Co-founder of Olé & Obrigado. “As individual and corporate citizens, our imprint is global. It would be inconsistent with our values as a company to ignore the urgency of addressing the impact we have on our planet. Through this effort, we are not only holding ourselves accountable for reducing our carbon footprint but also helping the farming communities we support to produce more sustainable wines for the world to enjoy.” 

To achieve the certification “Carbon Neutral Company,” Olé & Obrigado is financing three projects in equal parts. These projects are focused on biomass, wastewater treatment, and geothermal energy. Olé & Obrigado is also working with its distributors to minimize logistical redundancies. 

Since its founding, Olé & Obrigado has worked with a variety of artisanal wine producers, such as Bodega GaintzaVinos del AtlánticoAntónio Maçanita, who also have a shared commitment to reducing carbon emissions by respecting the land they farm to produce wine. Wine producers are actively lowering their carbon emissions through renewable energy, vineyards and winery sustainability certifications, and other initiatives to improve their wines for the planet. As a result, consumers will now have access to carbon-neutral wines due to the collective sustainability efforts throughout the supply chain.  

Furthermore, Olé & Obrigado has received extensive support from its customers and across the supply chain for its forward-thinking sustainability initiative. Michael Osborn, EVP and Founder of Wine.com, said: “While thick, heavy glass bottles have no effect on a wine’s quality, they do have a tremendous impact on our environment. I’m thrilled to see Olé & Obrigado moving toward carbon neutral status.” 

To stay updated on company announcements and news in 2022, follow Olé & Obrigado on Instagram @OleObrigado and Facebook @OleObrigado. To learn more or have questions, contact Maria Calvert at media@oleobrigado.com.  

About Olé & Obrigado 

Olé & Obrigado is a boutique importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal that proudly connects over 40 family wineries to customers across the United States. They have raised over $750,000 for nonprofits since 2013 from special events, fundraising campaigns, and wines like Liquid Geography.  



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