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Wine-Searcher Works with Liv-Ex to Make It Easier for Industry Users by Including LWIN (Liv-Ex Wine Identification Number) Codes


July 20, 2022 – Wine-Searcher, the price comparison website for wines and spirits, has now incorporated LWIN codes into its product database. Augmenting Wine-Searcher product descriptions with the ability to also use the LWIN open-source wine codes means wine merchants uploading lists to Wine-Searcher can do so with improved speed and accuracy.

This addition promises to significantly reduce the time it takes merchants to upload wines onto Wine-Searcher and reduces the likelihood of errors that can occur in the matching process, reducing the need for further intervention.

Merchants that are using the Wine-Searcher API can also use the LWIN codes to streamline their data access process. The API supplies all kinds of information about the global portfolio of wines and spirits, including pricing information, wine attributes and quality scores. Merchants also integrate daily price updates from the API into their own pricing flow to keep themselves and their customers in the know and up to date.

“Wine-Searcher’s world-wide price and location data is complemented by a comprehensive online wine Encyclopaedia which describes in detail the world’s Wine Regions, Grape Varieties, Vintages and outlining Leading Producers. Our database contains over 750,000 unique products, for most of which display multiple vintages. We are delighted to incorporate Liv-ex’s LWIN codes into this database to make wine matching and discovery simpler and more accurate for our wide range of industry users” – David Allen MW, Wine Director, Wine-Searcher

LWIN is a free-to-use database of unique codes assigned to over 125,000 different wines and spirits. Not dissimilar to ISBNs for books, LWIN allows computer systems across the industry to exchange information rapidly, and seamlessly. Conceived and managed by Liv-ex, the global marketplace for the wine trade, it helps businesses throughout the supply chain to describe, price, buy, sell and ship wine more efficiently.

“It’s great to see such a significant industry player as Wine-Searcher incorporate the LWIN codes along with others like Vinous, Berry Brothers & Rudd, and London City Bond. The Wine-Searcher integration makes more data points (beyond Liv-ex prices) available to more wine businesses worldwide.” – Anthony Maxwell, Liv-ex Director

About Wine-Searcher

Enabling huge, market leading volumes of high-quality data transactions over 20 years has established Wine-Searcher as the pre-eminent global source of data for ‘online, off-trade’ wine & spirits pricing and availability. Everyday Wine-Searcher collects and aggregates online product lists from a global range of wine & spirits retailers, producers and auction houses. The innovative combination of technology with expert in-house personnel is fundamental to Wine-Searcher’s reputation for the long-term accuracy, reliability and quality of its data.

About LWIN

Liv-ex Wine Identification Numbers (or LWINs) make it more efficient for businesses to describe wines, buy wines, sell wines, store wines, and ship wines. Owned and managed by Liv-ex, LWINs provide a common language that allows computer systems throughout the supply chain to communicate instantly and seamlessly without the need for repeated manual data entry and the risk of errors that comes with it. Each book has its own unique ISBN. Each wine or spirit has its own unique LWIN. They contain information about its colour, vintage, bottle and pack size. Over 125,000 of these codes can be found in the LWIN database, the largest open-source database of information on wines and spirits. It’s free to access and free to use.

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