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Redheads Receives Organic Certification and Advances to a Greener Future


April 27th – RedHeads Wine’s mission to become “Green Heads” took a step further this week receiving official Organic Certification from the National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) for its winery operations.  

RedHeads has notched up several major awards for its green initiatives in recent years, including winning the UK Drinks Business Green Award for Water Management in 2019 and a special commendation for Power Management at the same awards in 2020.  

More recently and locally, RedHeads Wine received the Environmental Excellence Award for small to medium sized wineries at the 2021 South Australian Wine Industry Awards held at the National Wine Centre in Adelaide.  

NASAA is Australia’s original organic industry association and the NASAA certified organic label is Australia’s internationally most recognised Australian organic certification.  

The term “Certified Organic” can be used only on a product when the producer and processor are certified by an independent third party certifier.  

Currently, RedHeads has only one label to term “Certified Organic”, as it sources fruit from several growers, most of whom are not certified. As the business re-assesses its fruit contracts and the range is expanded, there certainly will be more products displaying the certification.  

The 2022 March of Progress McLaren Vale Shiraz will be RedHeads’ first label to display a “Spring Leaf Label”. A fitting first, given that the wine label and story represent the company’s mission to become greener.  

Alex Trescowthick, Winery Operations Manager and Winemaker, is leading the charge. 

“When tasked to build our winery from scratch in 2018, we made the conscious choice to focus on accommodating premium winemaking as well as reducing its carbon footprint, waste, and environmental impact,” Alex said.  

“We are immensely proud of what we have achieved over the past few years, contributing to a greener future for all. We are painfully aware of the evidence for climate change and its potentially devastating consequences and we hope we can inspire other wineries and industries to improve how they manage their waste and energy requirements,” he said. 

RedHeads by name and green heads by nature.  

About RedHeads

RedHeads Wine was established by Tony Laithwaite in McLaren Vale in 2002 in an old restaurant, called RedHeads! The site was used by moonlighting winemakers to break free from the corporate shackles to come and make “real” wines, the way they wanted to. Tiny batches, hands-on, interesting blends and big flavours. Now RedHeads’ roots are firmly planted in the Barossa and it has a custom-built sustainable winery built from scratch in 2019 and its own dedicated team of winemakers.  

Since opening its new winery in 2019, RedHeads has been awarded the UK Drinks Business Green Award for Water Management in 2019, was given a special commendation for Power Management at the same awards in 2020 and picked up the Environmental Excellence Award by the South Australian Wine industry Association in 2021. 

RedHeads by name and green heads by nature.  

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