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Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estates Announces April 24th Grand Opening 


Carboy’s Fourth Location Gears up for a Grand Celebration!

24 March – PALISADE, CO – Carboy Winery at Mt. Garfield Estate soft-opened on September 18th, 2021, before almost immediately beginning renovations to the old Garfield Estate Winery & Vineyard they took over five months prior. Renovation of the existing tasting room and adjacent estate house accompanied the construction of a new 4,000 square foot production facility dedicated exclusively to Colorado sparkling wine. “We are so excited to showcase the new space and share our vision with everyone in the Grand Valley and Mesa county,” says Carboy CEO Kevin Webber. 

Designed with every detail of the Carboy visitor experience in mind, Mt. Garfield Estate will be offering curated wine and food experiences in a beautiful yet casual setting. The three-story winery will include a standing tasting bar and retail space on the ground level, seated spaces for elevated tastings on the second level, and a rooftop patio overlooking the estate vineyards facing north toward the Bookcliffs. Guests will discover breathtaking 360-degree views of the Grand Valley and Mount Garfield while enjoying a glass of their favorite Carboy wine. Similar to Carboy’s three other locations, the tasting room will feature their signature wine taps, pouring their award-winning wines from stainless steel brite tanks, a sustainability practice that’s become a defining attribute of their business.  

Next door, the Estate’s new facility will begin ramping up production of the company’s growing Colorado sparkling wine program. Already equipped with three state-of-the-art Charmat tanks, plans to add three more by the end of the year are already in place. The Charmat method is a sparkling winemaking process that undergoes a secondary fermentation in stainless steel pressure tanks to trap bubbles and create an elegantly refreshing adult beverage. The most emblematic of the Charmat method is Italian Prosecco. The process typically takes two to six weeks (a much shorter time than the traditional method), and because these wines are bottled without aging, they have a fresh fruit-forward character making it ideal for wines made from aromatic grape varieties like the ones Colorado is becoming known for.  

Additional sustainability efforts appear both here and in the vineyards with the implementation of a greywater recycling system and a mix of irrigation modalities designed to reduce water consumption. “As we continue to grow, we’re putting an increased focus on sustainability and investing in a blend of approaches across all operations and supply chains,” Webber says. 

Carboy joins a new dawn and renewal of Colorado’s Grand Valley as a wine region on the rise, adding their adventurous and innovative offerings to the region’s expanding culinary and hospitality scene. In addition to their lineup of award-winning still wines, sparkling wines, and new wine seltzers, Carboy brings their popular wine club, events, and chef dinners, to the area. “The energy here in the Valley is palpable, and Colorado wine is taking off in a really big way. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this growing industry.” 

Beginning Saturday, April 24th, with Barrel into Spring and ending with the 2nd annual Sip into Spring event on Saturday, April 30th, Carboy’s Grand Opening will be a week-long affair with exclusive specials, festivities, and promotions. 

About Carboy Winery:

Modern-day pioneers of Colorado wine, Carboy Winery is a passionate group of winemakers and restaurateurs. Since 2016 our award-winning wines have helped lift the Colorado wine industry into prominence as a wine region ripe with possibilities. Through ambitious winemaking and innovation with new varietal wines, sparkling wines, and wine seltzers, Carboy is slowly turning a state known for its beer into one that creates exciting wines. Year after year, our commitment to Colorado viticulture continues to grow. One of the largest producers in the state, we cultivate and harvest grapes from our two estate vineyards in the Grand Valley and from other LOCAL growing partners on the western slope to craft world-class wines that are uniquely Colorado.  

Come visit any of our four Colorado locations in Littleton, Denver, Breckenridge and Palisade.

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