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Olé & Obrigado Announces Growth and Milestone Achievements in 2021 


Leading importer in artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal celebrates its 22nd year, successful charitable initiatives and activations in the hospitality industry, and expansion of its portfolio to the spirits category 

New York, NY – Olé & Obrigado, importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal, are celebrating their 22nd year with a look back on 2021 highlights, particularly regarding the company’s emphasis on giving back to nonprofits that support a diverse array of causes around the United States. 

“Giving back is one of our core values, and since early on in the company’s history, we have used our ability to raise funds for important causes as a benchmark for success,” said Patrick Mata, co-founder of Olé & Obrigado. “Whether through our expansion of the Liquid Geography rosé line, our monthly food and wine pairing Experiences, or unique campaigns like El Camino del Albariño, our entire team gets behind these efforts. Thanks to their work and the support of our trade partners and people who buy our wines all across the US, we have raised and donated over $115,000 in 2021 alone, bringing our total since 2006 to over $750,000! We are so proud to be building a one-of-a-kind community that incorporates wine and food, and which also makes the world a better place. We’re so thankful for everyone who has made this possible!” 

Since 2013, the Liquid Geography line of rosé has raised over $450,000 for different causes, including cancer research, community education, hunger relief, and pandemic relief. By partnering with great organizations, the impact of every bottle sold is exponential. Another keystone initiative for the company, the yearly El Camino del Albariño, reached over 1 million people in 7 cities across the US this June, raising over $35,000 for Wheeling Forward and even resulting in a self-published digital cookbook with over 30 recipes from star chefs (including many Michelin award winners!) from the US, Spain, and Portugal. 

Celebrating another achievement, Olé & Obrigado’s mid-year US debut of Nordés Atlantic Gin launched the importer into a new category: spirits. An instant success, consumers can expect Nordés to expand to more markets in 2022 with even more resources on offer, thanks to the addition of an in-house mixologist to the Olé & Obrigado sales team. The company plans to repeat their Copa Nordés cocktail challenge for trade professionals; the top 10 craft cocktail recipe winners from across the US can be found on the Olé & Obrigado website

In addition to embracing new categories, Olé & Obrigado also debuted refreshing new looks for some old favorites: Vera Vinho Verde Branco and Rosé and Casteller Cava Brut and Rosé. The eye-catching new packaging has electrified interest in these wines, setting them apart on retail shelves in two wine categories that are on the rise. 

Always looking ahead, Olé & Obrigado plans to continue expanding its suite of resources that helps make its niche wines more accessible and fun for trade and consumers alike by creating interactive landing pages for individual wines accessed by QR code; these pages will feature winemaker video content, vineyard photos and maps, cocktail demonstrations, food and wine pairing recipes, and more. 

To stay updated on company announcements and coming news in 2022, follow Olé & Obrigado on Instagram and Facebook @OleObrigado. To learn more or have questions, contact Maria Calvert at media@oleobrigado.com

About Olé & Obrigado

Olé & Obrigado is a boutique importer of artisanal wines from Spain and Portugal that proudly connects over 40 family wineries to customers across the United States. They have raised over $700,000 for nonprofits since 2013, from special events, fundraising campaigns, and wines like Liquid Geography. 



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