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Santé Magazine International Wine & Spirits Competition Winners Announced


Healdsburg, Calif., (October 11, 2021) The industry is entering a post-pandemic world: hospitality is coming back strong and consumer demand is trending upward. People are ready to celebrate— with the best wines and spirits available. 

With this celebratory spirit in mind, the inaugural Santé Magazine International Wine & Spirits Competition was held on September 29, 2021. 

Experienced judges from all sectors of the wine industry tasted over 500 wines and nearly 100 spirits over the course of the two-day event. They selected the Best of Show for the red, white, rosé, and sparkling wine categories during the wine competition. The spirits competition resulted in not one, but two entrants receiving perfect 100-point scores. 

“For a first-year competition, not only were we very pleased with the number of entries, but more importantly, so impressed with the quality of the wines and spirits that were submitted. It’s a testament to the reputation of Santé Magazine, their sphere of influence in the restaurant and hospitality sectors and the level of awareness they can generate for winning producers. We’re looking forward closely with Santé to growing this competition over the years ahead” according to Debra Del Fiorentino, Founder, Wine & Spirits Competitions & Management.  

Inaugural 2021 Santé International Wine & Spirit best-of-Show winners are as follows. 



For a full set of results, click here: 

Santé Magazine is considered a bastion of up-to-date information for the restaurant world. Read and relied upon by CEOs, presidents, and professional managers in the hospitality industry, this monthly publication provides the vital facts and figures restaurant owners need to run their businesses most efficiently. Its content celebrates excellence throughout the restaurant industry, highlighting great restaurants, people, products, and best practices.

Santé International Wine & Spirits Competition is a chance for producers to gain access to the top-level buyers they need to reach. Winning wineries and distilleries will be featured in an upcoming issue of Santé Magazine, which will be shared with its extensive subscriber base and social media audience.

“For twenty-five years, Santé Magazine has been a champion for casual-upscale to upscale restaurateurs and the wine, spirit, and food producers that contribute to their excellence,” says publisher Emiliano De Laurentis. “This year we expanded our awards program by partnering with Wine & Spirit Competitions Management to manage the Santé Wine & Spirits Competition. We are pleased with the results. It has allowed us to reach and celebrate more producers. Congratulations to all the entrants and winners. You are amongst the best.”

About Santé Magazine

Santé is the magazine for restaurant professionals that operates as a dynamic link between buyer and brand. Santé dedicates itself to helping restaurateurs make the most of their business. In its 25th year, Santé provides concise, authoritative, award-winning editorials on food, beverage, equipment, and management. Santé produces content by experienced restaurant professionals who share insights and inspirations to bolster its audience’s success. For more information visit: https://santemagazine.com/ 

About Wine & Spirit Competitions Management & Productions

Wine & Spirit Competitions Management & Productions, producer of many of the most prestigious beverage competitions in North America, manages the judging. The respected judging panels included large volume buyers, media, winemakers, distillers, and other professionals from the wine and spirits industry.



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