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The Central Coast’s Eden Rift Joins Forces with Paicines Ranch in Regenerating Ecosystems


February 10th – Central Coast, CA – Eden Rift, under vine since 1849 and California’s oldest continuously operated vineyard, has joined forces with Paicines Ranch, one of California’s most iconic, historic ranches, located just outside of Silicon Valley in the foothills of Hollister. Citing a commitment to increasing the soil carbon at the estate, Eden Rift owner, Christian Pillsbury, says, “Much of the work in the vineyard terraces that was done by tractors will now be done by a herd of Paicines sheep from just down the road. Paicines Ranch is very focused on ecosystem development and protection. When we toured their operation, it was immediately clear that there was a lot we could do to support each other as neighbors.” 

Additionally, Eden Rift has announced Paicines Ranch as their exclusive purveyor of free range proteins; all of which are certified humane. “There’s this sense out in the market that it’s mostly city voices that are building awareness for the environment and certified-humane foods. In fact, we who work daily with the land are just as concerned with our environment and with where our food and wines come from. We advocate for knowing where ingredients come from and how they are raised and treated. Partnering with Paicines Ranch demonstrates our commitment to working with neighbors who care as much about our environment and community as we do,” Pillsbury continues.

Eden Rift’s Estate Vineyard Manager, Sandy Matthews, adds, “There is a symbiotic relationship between the vineyard and the sheep that graze through the rows. The vineyard receives fertilizer in the form of sheep dung. This helps build soil health and reduces compaction without needing tractors. This provides a cost savings on labor and fuel. It promotes mycorrhizae health and provides organic matter to the base of the vines. The sheep receive the most organic form of peas, bell beans, and other forage crops that make up the cover crop. Once the sheep are integrated in the farming cycle for multiple years, then we will see an improvement in soil health and water holding capacity. “

Since launching Eden Rift in 2016, Pillsbury has pursued significant measures towards sustainability at his estate. In addition to replacing tractors with grazing sheep, Eden Rift continues its drive to achieve 100% renewable power by the end of Q1 2021, invest in water efficiencies, and drive sustainability across their business.

To learn more about Eden Rift, please visit www.edenrift.com.



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