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Domaine Announces Exclusive United States Distribution Agreement for Weinbox, a Modular Wine Storage Solution


LOUIS, MO. (JANUARY 21, 2021) – Domaine, the leading U.S. wine storage, logistics and advisory company, announces an expanded agreement with ISOCO Plastics Technology(ISOCO) for exclusive distribution of Weinboxin the United States. Weinbox is a durable, sustainably-produced plastic storage crate designed to improve wine bottle accessibility and security, and to maximize space.

Weinbox is distributed in North America through Domaine’s website, their Amazon storefront, and select retailers. This expanded distribution agreement leverages Domaine’s national network and industry partnerships for increased availability of Weinbox in Canada and the United States.

“As a company of wine professionals caring for over two million bottles of wine, we know firsthand that the bottle you want to drink is inevitably buried at the bottom of a stack,” notes Chris Zago, General Manager of Domaine Saint Louis, the company’s headquarters and e-commerce fulfillment center. “While built-in storage improves collection access, it’s not always the right solution for temporary spaces or young collectors. Whether you’ve got four or four thousand bottles, we recommend Weinboxes for flexible collection management, organization and accessibility in any space.”

Key Weinbox Benefits:

  • Flexible Usage: Weinboxes create wine storage in various spaces including home cellars, retail, storage lockers, cruise ships, apartments, and wineries. As a collection expands, additional Weinbox crates can be easily added and stacked.
  • Accommodates Bottles of Numerous Sizes: Weinbox can hold bottles of varying shapes including Riesling, Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Champagne.
  • Easy Access: Front and rear access doors allow for easy bottle retrieval.
  • Enhanced Protection: Weinbox’s durable construction supports long-term storage without the risk of damage caused by cardboard box fatigue.
  • Prominent Labeling: Label holders outside each crate make inventory details visible at a glance. Domaine also provides printable templates for uniform labeling.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Weinbox crates are made from 100% recyclable material. 

About Domaine:

Domaine is the largest wine storage, logistics and advisory network in the United States and offers integrated services for all wine collecting needs. Since 2003, Domaine has assisted wine collectors with storing, protecting, organizing, sourcing and moving their wine. Storage facilities in Chicago, Napa, New York, Saint Louis, and Washington, DC, complement Domaine’s unified wine transport, storage materials, and advisory team members across the country. More information about Domaine can be found at www.domainestorage.com, and on Facebook and Instagram (@DomaineStorage).

About ISOCO: 

ISOCO, a leading manufacturer of injection-molded and fiber-reinforced plastics for industrial use, is headquartered in Schmiedefeld, Germany, and holds the license to manufacture Weinbox worldwide. https://isoco.de/en/

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