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Wine Market Journal Launches New, Powerful Rare Wine Valuation Website


The Industry’s Leading Resource for Wine Auction Trade Values Reports Over 2.5 Million Trades Worldwide

New York, NY- December 8th, 2020- Wine Market Journal, the world’s premier resource for wine auction values and market trends, announces the launch of their new platform with additional features and extensive new data sources. With over 2.5 Million trades reported worldwide, the website empowers its subscribers and data partners with the most accurate and up-to-date rare wine valuation information. 

For over 20 years, Wine Market Journal has tracked and reported every significant in-person and online rare wine trade in the world. Leveraging the power of millions of rare wine auction transactions, the Wine Market Journal reports stock market-like indices for the most active and important wine regions and market sectors. The platform also announces upcoming auctions.

“We are excited to unveil an all-new platform that brings powerful features and a broader data set to rare wine traders and collectors. Since 1997, we have painstakingly collected and published trade data from the world’s most significant auction venues. With our new website, we now offer actual wine sales transactions from over 25 top fine and rare wine retailers,” says Peter Gibson, Publisher of Wine Market Journal. “This information was never before available, and the enhanced features allow trade partners, investors and top collectors to make the most informed and accurate buy and sell decisions for rare wine ever.” 

Wine Market Journal has proven to be the most comprehensive and trusted tool by auction houses, rare wine retailers, and major stakeholders in the world of fine wine collecting and investing. This powerful platform now grants commercial data partners access to over 1.1 million retail rare wine transactions. 

Dave Parker, CEO Benchmark Wine Group comments, “The Wine Market Journal is the primary source of valuation information used by Benchmark Wine when making offers for top wine cellars. We’re looking forward to the additional auction and new retail trade information offered out to data partners, and Benchmark is proud to contribute our retail results as part of that program.”

The dataset from Wine Market Journal powers the cellar valuation feature on CellarTracker and is used by Benchmark Wine Group for wine appraisals and proprietary pricing tools.

“We are expanding our data partner program to all interested wine retailers and auction houses,” continues Gibson.

For more information on The Wine Market Journal, contact Michelle Erland at Michelle@parallel36.com or Pia Szabo at Pszabo@parallel36.com.

About Wine Market Journal

Wine Market Journal is the wine industry’s most comprehensive and trusted resource for wine auction trade values and market information. Since 1997, the Wine Market Journal has tracked every solid lot wine auction trade reported by the major houses in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Data is reported in the timeliest fashion and with utmost accuracy. Wine Market Journal is the only resource, online or in print, to track increasingly important internet trades and is powered by a database of over 2.5 million unique values. Wine Market Journal is owned by First Growth Technologies, the official wine appraiser for Silicon Valley Bank and AIG.



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