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Bee D’Vine Honey Wine Airs Its Second National TV Tasting on ‘Shark Tank’ Season 12 on Nov. 13, 2020


Sonoma, CA  —  The Honey Wine Company’s BEE D’VINE honey wine will be presented on the ABC’s Shark Tank on Friday, Nov. 13, by the brand’s founder and winemaker, Ayele Solomon. 

BEE D’VINE launched in 2014 to national critical acclaim and a tasting on NBC’s Today Show. Produced in the Sonoma Valley, it takes a revolutionary approach to the beverage commonly known as mead and applies winemaking science and art for the first time in the ancient beverage’s history. Made exclusively from honey and springwater, BEE D’VINE is a more ecologically sustainable and less bitter tannic alternative to grape wines. 

As stated on the company’s Honey Wine Blog post: 


“We spent five years doing fermentation and aging trials because the production of mead has not gone through the same evolution as grape wine. To give you an idea: Although France is known for its grape wine, hydromel is made in Northern France much like it was made 1,000 years ago. The truth is that most French people, as well as wine appreciators around the word, view it as an old farmers’ drink. Until now, no one gave it the attention it deserves as a premium wine option.”

The Sharks sampled all four non-reserve varieties which all taste completely different from one another: Brut (dry) still and sparkling, and Demi Sec (semi-sweet) still and sparking. Wine produced from honey, not grapes, was a big surprise to the Sharks.

On display on the Shark Tank set were the Company’s three-liter – double magnum – wines, the Company’s Gourmand Prize-awarded book, “The Celebrated Story of Honey Wine,” and unique traditional ancient berelé flasks from Ethiopia – the largest honey wine drinking country and birthplace of Ayele – exclusively used for drinking honey wine. All are available for sale on the BEE D’VINE website. The book is also available for complimentary e-book and audio downloads at DiscoverHoneyWine.org. 

The 375ml version is priced at $29, 750ml at $49, and the Limited-Edition Double Magnum at $349. The sparkling versions are $65. BEE D’VINE is also available globally – through its warehouses in Sonoma, the EU and Japan – on its website, beedvine.com.

For more information on the wines, to request media and trade samples, or to speak with Ayele Solomon, please email [email protected] or call 415 644 8607.



  1. I hope Wine Industry Advisor digs a little deeper to find that this company is putting out false snd misleading claims about his mead by claiming his product is novel and different than other mead being made by thousands of meadmakers worldwide. He is attempting to differentiate between his mead and other mead, which is a reasonable marketing approach, but doing so in a way that is unnecessarily controversial by painting mead into a corner with a broad brush, when the fact is that mead is a category of beverage which has a wider range of flavors and styles than grape wine.

  2. Warning! I ordered $198.00 worth of Honey wine from this company on November 16th and received one half of my order $99.00 worth of product on December 16th!! I’ve emailed them ten times, I’ve called them ten times and NOTHING has happened! Horrible customer service!!
    I will NEVER order from this company again!!


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