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Avaline Founders Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power Continue to Lead the Clean Wine Conversation with New Offering and Added Transparency to Label 


Founders Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power Continue to Lead the Clean Wine Conversation with New Offering and Added Transparency to Label 

Avaline logoLOS ANGELES (October 27, 2020) – Avaline co-founders Cameron Diaz (Wellness author: The Body Book, The Longevity Book) and Katherine Power (Who What Wear, Versed Skincare) announce the highly anticipated release of the new Avaline Red, which joins their portfolio of clean, delicious, vegan-friendly wines made with organic grapes and without unnecessary extras. Originally scheduled for a later release, the early launch of Avaline Red comes in response to popular demand from the brand’s community and its rapid success with over 120,000 bottles of White and Rosé sold in the first ninety days.

Avaline’s Red is light to medium-bodied, with bright red fruit and delicate aromas that are balanced by the perfect touch of spice. Made in Rhône, France, the Red is a blend of Grenache and Syrah, a bold, yet delicate balance of masculine and feminine. It pairs delightfully with a bowl of cheesy pasta, marathons of your favorite show or a bite of salty dark chocolate after your favorite meal. 

Cameron shares, “Avaline wines are meant to be everyday wines, no matter the season. Our red is light enough to enjoy in warm weather but has enough body to cozy up with on a winter night. We know that’s how people drink now. It’s not really based on seasons or meals, it’s based on mood.”

Consumers can pour with confidence, knowing that the Red lives up to the brand’s clean standard. For Avaline, clean means always using organically grown grapes and, when needed only NOP (National Organic Program) approved ingredients, never adding animal by-products, colors and concentrates or unnecessary sugars and keeping sulfites always below 100ppm. And of utmost importance, being transparent.

While the first Avaline releases included the clean criteria and tasting notes on their labels, information on nutrition and ingredients were detailed on the website. Based on the incredible community response to the brand’s transparency mission, the founders decided to take it to the next level by adding nutritional information directly onto the Red label. In addition, all releases for 2021 will include both the nutritional information and an ingredient list for added transparency and an easier shopping experience.  As Katherine says, “what the community wants, the community gets.” 

“With Avaline, our mission is to make this level of ingredient and nutritional transparency the norm,” continues Katherine. “We started Avaline because we felt this need ourselves. We have seen that this customer who is seeking ‘clean’ in other categories like food and beauty products, is in fact asking for clean wine.”

Avaline Red (14.5% ABV) arrives at a suggested retail price of $24 and is available from select retailers with additional distribution to come. Along with the top-selling White and Rosé, it will soon also be available for purchase on drinkavaline.com

An avid home chef, Cameron is looking forward to enjoying Avaline Red alongside nourishing fall dishes. Simple cooking demos featuring Diaz and friends will soon roll out on Avaline’s channels. Order a bottle of Avaline Red and follow along on Avaline’s Instagram and website.

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