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Bright Future for Della Toffola 


Della-Toffola_LogoAn independently managed investment company of Investindustrial, one of the leading European  investment and advisory groups, has signed an agreement to purchase a majority stake (73.5%) in  Della Toffola SpA, a leading designer and manufacturer of machinery and automated lines for the  entire production cycle of wine and beverages including bottling, packaging, dairy and water  treatment. The brothers Vittorio, Francesco and Luciano Della Toffola, who are the current sole  shareholders, will retain a 26.5% stake. 

The partnership between Della Toffola’s family and Investindustrial sets the stage for a new period  of growth and development of the group. Della Toffola has a strong sectoral leadership position due  to the development of its cutting-edge technologies and an internationalization process carried out  through a number of acquisitions. Significant plans are in place to further strengthen the group’s  market share in the verticals currently served and the entrance in new sectors. 

Vittorio Della Toffola, President of Della Toffola SpA, says: “It’s a very important step for the growth  of the company founded by our father more than 60 years ago. Partnering with Investindustrial, we  will accelerate our global expansion continuing the path my brothers and I initiated decades ago. The third generation of our families will remain in charge of the business development and will work  together with the new partner in executing this ambitious value-accretive industrial project”. 

Della Toffola is headquartered in Trevignano (Treviso), operates eight production plants (of which  seven are in Italy) and ten commercial branches in France, Spain, UK, USA, Romania, Russia, Australia, Argentina, Chile and Mexico. Della Toffola has a broad portfolio of technologically advanced solutions for its global customers. 

In the wine and beer making fields, for example, it offers the unique central membrane grape presses  recently presented in a continuous version with artificial intelligence (AI) or Omnia high solids  crossflow technology with ceramic membranes for filtration of finished wines lees or beer recovery  from yeasts. The beverage division also is specialized in the production of continuous or batch  dissolving systems, particularly in the discoloration system based on Ione Exchange technology.  

The bottling division has developed the latest technology of the counterpressure electropneumatic  valves, the hygienic frame design modular system “SWAN” type, automatic star wheel and  the labels application technology for the returnable bottles (full circle green economy). 

Innovation, automation and hygiene are the characteristics of the machinery of the dairy and milk  division with its complete plant for the production of ESL fresh milk, UHT units and ricotta cheese  making plant, including UF filtration. Complete plants for the water treatment starting from the sand,  carbon filter, RO units to filtration are the peculiarity of the water treatment division. 

Della Toffola has 600 employees, and its products are distributed throughout the world, with  approximately 77% of sales internationally. The group had over €144 million revenues in 2019.



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