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Italy’s Sustainable Luxury Tour Operator, Sit Platinum, Launches “Proposito” Cultural Fund, Confirms 2021 Dates for Private Curated Experiences in Venice and Florence


SIT Platinum’s “Proposito” Fund Will Help Support Some of Italy’s World-Famous Cultural Institutions and Local Artisans Adversely Affected by COVID-19

SIT Platinum Room(MILAN, ITALY), SEPT 9, 2020: SIT Platinum, Italy’s first sustainable luxury tour operator, is proud to launch “PROPOSITO” (meaning “purpose” in English) a cultural fund whose goal is to support the arts, craftsmanship and treasured cultural associations throughout Italy via donations to various new initiatives.

As a long-time supporter of some of Italy’s most beloved cultural institutions including Florence’s artisanal workshop, l’Opificio delle Pietre Dure, SIT Platinum aims to demonstrate how coming together in solidarity can support the restart of sustainable tourism in Italy and help strengthen awareness around the importance of cultural heritage.

Each individual who makes a donation to SIT Platinum’s new PROPOSITO cultural association will be able to give back with “Purpose” via specific initiatives and events. Whether in-person or from afar, each individual becomes an integral member of a community working to aid cultural institutions in dire need of financial support and improvements.

SIT Platinum has developed a range of “donation-based” activities for individuals to choose from including intimate curated dinner events, volunteer activities, theatrical performances, and small, private events solely created for the PROPOSITO cultural association. Each in-person activity is designed in accordance with safety measure and guidelines, ensuring the security and wellbeing of those who choose to participate. Additionally, participants in the community are able to offer a simple monetary donation to finance a “Purpose” that is particularly close to their heart.

As Dostoevsky’s Principe Miškin noted “Beauty will save the world,” and given the artistic and cultural wealth which Italy possesses, SIT Platinum recognizes that it is Italy’s splendor that will help guide sustainable tourism as the country reopens. It is with this same passion and devotion that the company looks to support world heritage cities that today have been critically affected by the recent crises.

SIT Platinum has identified two of Italy’s most beautiful and important cities rich in art and culture, Florence and Venice, as guiding lights for this project. The two cities have become the muse for the first PROPOSITO initiatives: “A Proposito di Arte”, a project that supports organizations including the Opificio delle Pietre Dure – a working laboratory in Florence which focuses on the restoration of cultural artwork and is a public institute of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage – and “A Proposito di Antichi Mestieri” which supports local artisans in Venice, who were already adversely affected by the floods of fall 2019 which affected tourism and damaged the city. SIT Platinum’s goal is to provide stable financial assistance to the restoration projects and artists, allowing them to restart and continue the valuable work that they do, and in turn, revive tourism and the cities economies.

“SIT Platinum endeavors to show guests how to truly explore a destination while simultaneously supporting its local economy, cultural heritage, and ecological environment,” notes SIT Platinum’s co-founder Federica Fresca. “We are invested in “participatory tourism” where each reservation brings awareness and responsibility around an investment in the destination.”

“The experiences proposed by SIT Platinum are empathic journeys in which guests choose to not only experience beauty for themselves,” continues SIT Platinum’s co-founder Giuseppe Aloi. “But by contributing to the maintenance of a destination’s heritage, they also ensure this patrimony endures for others.”

The “A Proposito di Arte” event in Florence will be held on Saturday, October 10, 2020 beginning with a visit to Florence’s famed Opificio workshop laboratories and culminating with a gala dinner in the elegant setting of Palazzo Gondi. The once-in-a-lifetime event is being held in collaboration with the “Friends of the Opificio” Association, who support the artisans and their restoration work. Palazzo Gondi, one of Florence’s famed historical buildings, has never before been used for events of this kind and has significant historical roots given it was once the home of the extraordinary Leonardo da Vinci, who lived on the ground floor with his notary father. Marchese Gondi, current proprietor of Palazzo Gondi, will personally offer guests a guided visit of the palace, followed by an elegant aperitivo and gala dinner. Guests will enjoy the very best of Florentine and Tuscan culinary traditions, classic musical accompaniment and the breathtaking sunset panorama of Florence. For those who will be traveling from outside Florence, SIT Platinum may recommended a list of hotel partners, as well as organize overnight stays and guided tours of the city. The Opificio event and gala dinner has a maximum of 40 guests (minimum 36) and a cost of € 690.00 per participant which includes exclusive visits of the Opificio workshops and Palazzo Gondi, along with aperitivo and gala dinner. All proceeds will go to the Restoration Project of the Opificio.

The “A Proposito di Antichi Mestieri” program in Venice will be held on Saturday, October 17, 2020 and will commence with a visit to the Galleria d’Arte in Murano, an art gallery which has been decorated with incredible chandeliers by celebrated artist Fabio Fornasier and offers a beautiful view from the front garden overlooking the lagoon. The exclusive gala dinner will allow guests to enjoy this space for the first time, complemented by a thoughtfully curated menu of Venetian dishes. Prior to the dinner, guests will tour the gallery with Venetian guides who will offer a wealth of knowledge on the city’s historic past. For those coming from outside Venice, SIT Platinum is able to organize overnight stays along with guided tours of the city. The Antichi Mestieri event and gala dinner has a maximum of 40 guests (minimum 36) and a cost of €690.00 per participant which includes private exclusive visit of the gallery, aperitivo and gala dinner. All proceeds will go to the artisans who are stewards of the “Antichi Mestieri” (ancient crafts) of Venice.

Guests of SIT Platinum not only become patrons of these projects and supporters of fundamental institutions for international art like these, but with PROPOSITO’s commitment, they also guarantee that future travelers may rediscover and enjoy exceptional and authentic artisanal experiences. More information on supporting PROPOSITO can be found online.

In addition to the launch of PROPOSITO, SIT Platinum is proud to announce their four-night/five-day programs planned for 2021, further testament to their support of the restart of sustainable tourism in Italy. These will be held in Venice, October 20 – 25, 2021 and in Florence, October 27 – 31, 2021. Thanks to SIT Platinum’s extensive network and expertise, guests will be given exclusive access to museums, galleries and institutions which are normally closed to the public. In Venice, guests will enjoy a private guided tour through the secret passages of Venice’s Doge Palace and a behind-the-scenes visit of the Basilica of San Marco, where Venetian guides help guests discover the deeper meaning behind the Basilica’s art and beauty, as well as the peculiarity of its origins. SIT Platinum also has close ties to a notable Venetian family, who, in addition to helping create the itinerary, also provide exclusive private access to one of the most important and elegant glass blowing factories of Murano. Visitors will attend a personal demonstration from the glass workshop’s Maestro and enjoy a beautifully hosted private dinner amidst the workshop’s glass art gallery, which houses priceless pieces from the Venetian period of Serenissima.

For more information about booking a once in a lifetime experience in Italy, visit https://www.sitplatinum.com/ and Instagram.


For over 20 years, SIT Italy has specialized in creating customized luxury travel experiences throughout the Bel Paese. With offices in Italy and California, the Calabrian-born founders of SIT Platinum, Giuseppe Aloi and Federica Fresca, have a profound passion for Italy and are wholeheartedly committed to fostering a different model of luxury tourism through the creation of sustainable journeys which give back to the cities and institutions with whom they collaborate and support.



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