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KROBAR and Willow Creek Distilleries Collaborate to Donate 220 Gallons of Sanitizer to SLO County’s Office of Emergency Services


The Paso Robles distilleries partnered to produce the equivalent of 5,000 bottles of sanitizer for San Luis Obispo County’s healthcare facilities and frontline workers.

Hand sanitizer pamphletApril 14, 2020 (Paso Robles, Calif.) – KROBAR Craft Distillery and Willow Creek Distillery forged a partnership to bolster the local fight against COVID-19 and on April 13 delivered 220 gallons of high-grade sanitizer they produced to San Luis Obispo County to aid its emergency response efforts.  
The bulk supply equates to roughly 5,000 standard bottles of sanitizer, which the county will distribute to healthcare facilities and workers, emergency responders and crisis personnel. The hand sanitizer – made from 80-precent ethanol alcohol – is in compliance with FDA’s guidelines and can be used for hand cleaning as well as a surface disinfectant.

“This is an ‘all hands on deck’ effort. We appreciate everything that our residents and local businesses are doing to keep our communities safe,” says Wade Horton, Emergency Services Director and SLO County Administrative Officer. “This is a perfect example of the creativity and resiliency local businesses are exhibiting every day to help fight this disease.”
The two craft distilleries both pivoted to sanitizer production from spirits soon after the crisis hit and the disinfectant shortage ensued. Both were eventually inundated with requests from those in need, including area hospitals and local and state government agencies. To streamline efforts and to ensure a significant and wide-reaching local impact, the two distilleries teamed up to produce a bulk supply donation for the county’s Office of Emergency Services.

“Collaborating with our neighbors at Willow Creek allowed us to produce more sanitizer and deliver the product faster to the frontline workers who need it so desperately,” says Stephen Kroener, who co-owns KROBAR with Joe Barton of Barton Family Wines/Grey Wolf Cellars.
The spirit of collaboration continued with the designing of the label, which is required by the FDA. Kraftwerk Design Inc. created the label, and Digital Dogma printed them. Both San Luis Obispo businesses donated their services.
“Our region is known for being supportive of one another. But to see it in action during this crisis just proves just how selfless, innovative and strong our community is,” says Rick Quinn, who co-owns Willow Creek Distillery and Opolo Vineyards with Dave Nichols.



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