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Onguard Seismic System Provides Tangible Benefits for Your Tanks



Earthquakes do, and will, strike without warning. Is your business at risk?

ONGUARD can help Protect your People, Protect your Product, Protect your Facility, Protect your Market Share and Protect your Profit.


  • Anchors for TANKS on STANDS
  • RETRO FITTING for existing tanks

As you would expect, by reducing your exposure to earthquake risk and the negative consequences of damage from seismic events, the ONGUARD seismic system on your tanks can provide tangible benefits.

Onguard LLC
UWGS Booth: P2263

ONGUARD’s Founder and Managing Director, Will Lomax, stood alongside a winery owner in the aftermath of a 2013 Marlborough, New Zealand M6.6 earthquake, and witnessed thousands of liters of valuable, hard-earned wine disappear down the drain as a result of damage inflicted to the tanks. He vowed to create an engineering solution that would protect liquid processing and storage tanks from this kind of damage in the future. The result is ONGUARD, with cutting edge technology it’s the first genuine seismic tank system specifically designed to protect liquid storage tanks and their contents from earthquake damage and loss.

Until now, tank design the world over has been based on design codes that were developed to protect only people, not property. Knowing from experience that failing to protect your facility and your product from earthquakes could be catastrophic for your business, ONGUARD has reversed this approach and created a system focused primarily on preventing earthquake damage and loss, knowing that in doing so people will be inherently protected too. The result is a system that provides protection from seismic activity, can be quickly and cheaply reset after an event, and minimizes the potential for negative impact to both lives and livelihoods.

The integrated system is built to provide high levels of seismic risk mitigation with the ability to continuously withstand multiple aftershocks. It can be specified from the ground up with new tank installations, including tanks on stands, or retro-fitted to existing tanks to improve their earthquake performance and introduce much-needed resilience.

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