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Advanced Grape Juice and Wine Filtration Technology to Revolutionize Winery Efficiency


Friday 27 September 2019 – An innovative titanium membrane filtration system developed by an Adelaide engineering company is poised to deliver advanced efficiency and quality outcomes for Australian and overseas wineries.

The technology providing superior filtration of grape juice and wine has undergone successful trials demonstrating the capacity to double throughput and significantly reduce cleaning and maintenance.

Lonsdale-based AMS Filtration has released the advanced system after a decade of research and development and testing.

Last year the company showcased the new filtration technology at the Unified Wine and Grape Symposium in Sacramento, California, an innovation trade show that attracts hundreds of wine industry leaders from around the world to inspect new products and services. 

Gilbert Erskine, founder of AMS Filtration, said: “Our titanium membrane filtration system is set to revolutionise wine production through significant improvements in production efficiency, quality and energy savings.

“After extensive trials, we have demonstrated the cost and efficiency benefits of replacing traditional crossflow filtration systems with our titanium membranes.”

Mr Erskine said wine producers were constantly seeking ways to improve productivity and quality control.

“Filtration of grape juice and wine is a vital aspect of the production process and a key driver of productivity and quality,” he added.

The pioneering, non-corrosive titanium membrane system delivers unparalleled filtration performance with exceptional durability and outcomes in separation of suspended solids in grape juice and wine.

The tubular cross flow titanium membranes provide incredible strength and operate efficiently and reliably across a wide range of temperatures, pressures and pH levels.

Suspended particles cannot blind the robust membrane, which is non-corrosive and biologically inert meaning it cannot react with or taint wine quality.  Titanium is stronger than any ceramic or polymeric filter material and aggressive cleaning will not compromise the integrity of the membrane.

The AMS technology automatically modulates flow through the system depending on the selection of grape juice or finished wine for filtration.

Mr Erskine said the patented titanium membrane filters could be retrofitted to existing winery infrastructure or, alternatively, the company could design and fit the technology to a new plant.

Further Information:

Contact Gilbert Erskine on 61 8 83267823 or e-mail [email protected]

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