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Inaugural Blended Wine Festival in San Diego Was a Hit! Sells Out of VIP Tickets


This Saturday in San Diego, top rated wine app, My Wine Society, hosted a successful wine and music festival, Blended! With over 1,500+ festival goers, and a sold-out VIP experience, guests were having the time of their life.

Wine lovers were able to treat themselves to wine tastings with an array of 40+ California wine labels to choose from, and indulge in gourmet food from local SoCal eateries. Guests were also able to have fun in the adult playground with several fun lawn games and outdoor activities. All while soaking in the sun and dancing the day away to some of the hottest DJs and musical artists, including a surprise headliner – MakJ!

“I had a great time performing at Blended for its inaugural year! Excited to see the event continue to grow!” Said chart topping DJ MakJ.

The VIP experience allowed festival goers to get the most pampered experience with a VIP lounge with dedicated servers (from Beau Maitre’d) and a special viewing section for the stage. These special guests not only got exclusive wine tastings and VIP bottle service, but they also got to experience a Master Chef cook-off between San Diego’s prodigy Araceli Vazquez and celebrity chef Lauren Lawless. Their epic small bites were paired with specialty wines for VIP guests.

“This is what we are striving to do with the San Diego community as a whole. Blending people from all walks of life together for a day of fulfillment, joy, wine, and dancing. I’m excited to be a part of this momentous journey, and can’t thank those that came out to support us enough. Cheers to Blended 2020,” says Josh Coefield, CEO of Beau Maitre’d.

My Wine Society already has plans in the works for next year’s big festival, with even more to offer. They hope to move this to more locations around the US and even international.

“This is a huge dream of ours. A huge transition to turn My Wine Society, an app company, into a live event company as well! Next year there will be more! Beer, Wine, and even more liquor! You’re going to want to keep your eyes out for this,” says My Wine Society CEO Sean Evans.

ABOUT MY WINE SOCIETY: My Wine Society was created to revolutionize the world of wine by bringing everyone in the wine community together. From consumers to Master Somms we have something for everyone! By connecting you with wineries around the world our hope is that you will be able to better explore your passion for wine, find new wineries, and connect with wineries that you are already a fan of! Our platform is designed to reward you with discounts, promo codes, and free wine swag so be sure to continually comment, like and share on the app. Visit www.mywinesociety.comfor more information.

The app is available for free download on the Google Play and App Store.



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