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Stop Designing. Start Selling: A Call for Wine Producers to Consider a New Option for Their Label Needs


Napa, California (June 11, 2019) – RLOCreative announces an alternative solution to traditional label design services: customizable label products.

Unlike existing wine label templates found online, RLOCreative’s customizable labels are one of a kind and created specifically for commercial winemakers who require eye-catching designs that are legally compliant and legally defensible. Available online at www.rlocreative.com, purchase includes one hour of customization support as well as a digital download of the label, for producers who opt for “at-home” customization. These professionally designed, customizable label products allow wine producers to save time, money, and stress – enabling them to bypass the design process so they can focus on selling their wine.

RLOCreative’s label products are perfect for producers who have created the wine, have brand name, but need a fast, affordable, high-quality label solution. Whether a custom crush facility, a private label producer, or an independent winemaker, customizable labels let producers avoid the hassle and uncertainty of hiring a designer with the hope they’ll get what they envisioned on time and within budget. With RLOCreative’s customizable labels, what you see is what you get.

Product Features:

  • Each label is one of a kind
  • Labels are sized to fit most bottle shapes
  • Designed to conform to TTB/ALFD labeling regulations
  • Fully-editable and built according to industry standards, utilizing professional design software
  • Does not use stock art – only original art and/or artwork in the public domain
  • Designed using only MAC/PC system fonts and/or fonts that are free for commercial use
  • Purchase includes up to one hour of remote customization assistance (additional design services provided for a fee).

RLOCreative is a one-woman design company that provides unique products and creative services to the wine industry. Learn more at www.rlocreative.com.