Connecticut Consumers Celebrate New Wine Shipping Law

National Association of Wine Retailers Members Set to Utilize New Shipping Rights

June 6, 2019 (Hartford, Connecticut)—The National Association of Wine Retailers and Connecticut consumers have reasons to celebrate with Governor Ned Lamont’s signing of Senate Bill 647, which legalizes shipments of wine from out-of-state wine stores and wine retailers to residents of the state. The legislation, championed by Senator John Fonfara, means consumers may begin receiving wine shipments from some of America’s best wine retailers beginning July 1, 2019.

The new law requires out-of-state wine stores to obtain a permit from the Connecticut Department of Consumer protection, ship no more than two cases of wine to a single individual during any two month period, remit state taxes, assure all shipments are signed for by a person 21 years or older, remit shipping reports to the state, as well as label each package as containing alcohol.

“Senator Fonfara was instrumental in bringing a number of parties together for compromise legislation that will benefit Connecticut consumers and the state,” said Tom Wark, executive director of the National Association of Wine Retailers. “This bill is the result of a multi-year effort to bring free trade in wine to Connecticut and we congratulate all those who had a hand in giving consumers access to the wider national wine market and the hundreds of thousands of wines not available in the state.”

Connecticut consumers have long been able to receive wine shipments from out-of-state wineries but were barred from receiving wine from out-of-state wine retailers. With the passage of SB 647 Connecticut becomes the 15th state with laws allowing its consumers to receive wine shipments from out-of-state wine stores, retailers and auction houses, and wine-of-the-month clubs. Without such state laws, consumers have no access to hundreds of thousands of wines that are not distributed in their state but are available from out-of-state wine stores.

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