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Emma Criswell Marks Six Months at Balzac Communications & Marketing


Criswell helps agency expand to U.S. East Coast and Midwest

May 2, 2019 (Napa, California) – Balzac Communications & Marketing announces that Emma Criswell has reached a key milestone, celebrating her six-month anniversary with the company. Criswell has a decade of experience in the wine and spirits industries and her addition adds key expertise to the management team. Not content to simply rule California, Balzac’s president, Michael Wangbickler has plans to expand the company’s footprint nationally, employing Criswell as his herald.

“While it’s customary to issue news about a new hire soon after their start date, we’ve always been a bit different at Balzac,” said Michael Wangbickler. “It occurred to us that most new team members really hit their stride only after half a year on-the-job. So, it made better sense for us to share Emma’s news after she’d had a chance to settle in. Since late last year, Emma has proven an invaluable addition, taking on key clients and scoring some big hits for us.”

“I’m looking to build a national team of rock stars, as we look to the next phase of the agency’s evolution. Emma fits the bill brilliantly. She’s smart, creative, well-connected, and driven. She’s got all the qualities that we need at Balzac, and I’m super excited that she’s here.”

At Balzac, Criswell is responsible for the creation of the company’s east coast and Midwest offices, as well as strategic planning and execution across Balzac’s client base. She loves a challenge, as evidenced by being one of the first people to focus her studies at Ohio University on wine culture and communications. Criswell brings public relations expertise, marketing know-how, and a roster of close industry contacts to the Balzac team, along with myriad other skills, like glass blowing. She is excited to grow the company along with Wangbickler, whom she has known since the nascent wine blogging days in the early 2000s.

“I adore working at Balzac. It’s exciting to work with people who are so creative and open to new ideas while also understanding the industry standards. I’ve been given a great opportunity to be as out of the box as I choose, while also making sure my thoughts are heard. It’s a rare combination to find, and I’m lucky to be part of such a supportive and fun team.”

Criswell has spent her time in the industry working both on the agency and client side of wine and spirits.  She’s enjoyed tasting and writing about brands ranging from Champagne Louis Roederer to O.R.E. 118, the nation’s first raw vegan gin. Criswell has experience launching brands and coming up with fresh-squeezed ideas for established companies.

With her expertise in press for the wine and spirits industry it’s always wine o’clock for Criswell.

An avid reader, yoga enthusiast, and recipe tester, she is currently based in Columbus, Ohio with her rescue cat, Henry; who, incidentally, is more of a beer man.

About Balzac:

For close to three decades, Balzac Communications & Marketing has been a leader in wine and spirits marketing. If marketing is the art of making change happen, then Balzac are masters of the art. We help organizations grow successfully with a fresh approach to marketing and sales strategy. We’ve earned a reputation for our work, providing creative programs and developing long-term strategies that get impressive results. We do it our way. Some of our best ideas come when we’re climbing the slopes at Lassen Volcanic National Park or riding an attraction at a Disney park. Some of our most rewarding moments are seeing a client’s face light up when we present those ideas and we make a connection.