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New Website to Tell Authoritative History of H.W. Crabb’s Legendary To-Kalon Estate


OAKVILLE, NAPA VALLEY, CA (April 1st, 2019) – 2nd generation vintner Jeremy Justin Nickel is currently developing a web-based platform to present an authoritative, historically-accurate and comprehensive history of the To-Kalon estate, perhaps the most storied name in Napa Valley, California.

To-Kalon” (Greek for “the highest beauty“), was the name given to a 527-acre estate by its owner, the famed Napa Valley winemaker H.W. Crabb, in the late 19th century. Crabb helped transform the Napa Valley into a premier wine region and To-Kalon into an internationally recognized brand. Crabb established an extensive distribution network that allowed him to ship products to the East Coast and Midwest, helping invigorate demand for Napa Valley wines as early as the 1880s.

The website, www.HistoryofTo-Kalon.com, will be an educational and informative searchable database containing thousands of documents compiled by Mr. Nickel and several historians over the last eight years. Once established, the site will include interactive overlay maps that trace the history of the property and evolution to the present. The website will include original documents that clearly delineate property sales, land use, and information about the products cultivated on the terroirs of the To-Kalon estate.

Visitors to the site will learn how the mystique and reputation of To-Kalon has continued to grow over the last 154 years. Visitors will also gain a better understanding of why the brand connotes the highest quality in the new world of winemaking and the reason that wines bearing the To-Kalon designation sell for hundreds to thousands of dollars per bottle.

Mr. Nickel invites you to preview the landing page of his new platform and follow (like, share, or post a comment on) his new Facebook page: “History of To-Kalon”. His vision for the platform is to be a public resource and forum dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of historical information and documentation regarding North America’s most valuable, dynamic and historically significant viticultural place, To-Kalon.

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