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Dalla Terra Winery Direct® to Launch New Wine Brand, Mille1


(January 23, 2019; Napa, CA) — Dalla Terra Winery Direct® is pleased to announce the newest addition to its Italian wine portfolio, Mille1. Mille1 is a partnership between the Veronese Bertola family and Edoardo Freddi. The first wine from Mille1 is Garda Rosso ($19.99), a lively red blend of Corvina, Rebo and Merlot, sourced from estate vineyards near Verona in Northeastern Italy. Mille1, which translates to 1,001, describes the length of Italy in miles from North to South and is depicted on the label with an image of a classic Italian red coupe. The name is an homage to the 1,001 miles of wine terroir, traditions and microclimates that embody Italy as a whole.

“Dalla Terra brings nearly 30 years of experience working with multi-generational, family-owned wineries. We’re thrilled to leverage our experience and relationships to this new brand that is more marketing focused than the wines Dalla Terra has traditionally represented. This wine, as with every other wine in our portfolio, offers an incredible quality to price ratio and we believe will be seen as a benchmark wine in its category,” says Dalla Terra president Scott Ades.

The grapes for the Garda Rosso bottling are 100% estate-grown in the hills around Lake Garda, characterized by an amphitheater of vineyards on morainic soil. The vineyards are close to the lake, ensuring abundant sunshine and a constant breeze. After harvest, a small portion of the grapes are left to dry in boxes in the “apassimento” process.

The wine will be rolled-out strategically, on a market-by-market basis in 2019, with the objective of being initially available for purchase in the following markets: MA, CT, NY, NJ, VA, GA, FL, LA, TX, OH, IL, CO, CA, WA and OR.  

Mille1 will be imported exclusively by Dalla Terra Winery Direct®.

About Dalla Terra Winery Direct®

Founded in 1990, Dalla Terra Winery Direct® is a direct importer and national agent of a select group of leading, family-owned, estate wineries in Italy. The name Dalla Terra translates from Italian to mean of the earth and represents our commitment to work alongside estates that are at the top-echelon of quality in their respective region or appellation. The wines they produce are authentic, indigenous and characterful, while embracing progressive viticulture and winemaking.

Dalla Terra’s ability to adapt to an ever-changing marketplace is due to its highly curated portfolio and innovative business model. By limiting its portfolio, and partnering with only the highest quality producers, Dalla Terra ensures that its portfolio will be a comprehensive source of remarkable Italian wines. The quality of the portfolio is complemented by the Dalla Terra Winery Direct business model which guarantees value by circumventing the traditional national importer expense of the three-tier system and enables our distributor partners to buy directly from each producer. This results in a competitive price advantage and greater value to the consumer for some of the most iconic and significant producers in Italian wine.

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