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Les Tonneliers de France (French Coopers) Meets in California on February 1, 2019


Paris – December 20, 2018 – The Fédération des Tonneliers de France members will meet in California on Friday, February 1, 2019.

“We wanted to leave France and go abroad for this important event, and to celebrate and honour our American clients. The United States is both the biggest export market in the history of the French cooperage industry and it remains today our leading market in volume and in value. The U.S. accounts for one – third of our business, ” said Jean-Luc Sylvain, President of the Federation.

The organization will hold its Annual Meeting in Napa, the prestigious and renowned wine-growing region, and will interact with the local sector through gatherings and conferences. A gala at the prestigious Robert Mondavi Winery will round off the day’s events.

About the Fédération des Tonneliers de France

The Fédération des Tonneliers de France brings together 53 businesses located in the leading wine regions of France. In 2017, these businesses produced 615,385 units, accounting for sales of 429 million euros. 68% of this production was exported, mainly to the United States, Spain, Australia, and Italy. French cooperages continue to be a standard and world leader because of the quality of the raw material used and the expertise evidenced through a combination of ancestral craft skills and highly innovative techniques.

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