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Wine Related Gift Giving Raised to a New Level


The Gifted Wine Company takes wine related gift giving into a new era

Napa Valley, December 2018 — Jim Sweeney, Chief Gifting Officer, The Gifted Wine Company, is introducing the first company to focus on business-to-business (B2B) wine-related gift giving. “The wine gifting category has not evolved with today’s wine consumer, and we intend to change that” explained Sweeney. The Gifted Wine Company’s offerings are available online and supported with sales managers across the country. “Our team is solely focused on the business community, marketing highly curated wine and wine-related gift giving,” Sweeney adds.

“We will help businesses make a more meaningful impression with wine-related gifts they send to their customers or celebrate with their employees” Sweeney says. “Today’s wine consumer wants wines of provenance-wines that tell a story. They are seeking personalization and experiential opportunities”.

“Wicker baskets and cellophane-wrapped gifts are so yesterday,” said Michael Roche, Chief Creative Officer with Decide & Company. The Gifted Wine Company offers buyers the opportunity to fully curate their gifts including the wine selection, etched glassware, personalized notes, autographed books and–most significantly—the opportunity to include invitations to experiences either in their home markets or in California wine country.

“I’m excited to see The Gifted Wine Company taking the wine-gifting business to the next level,” says John Conover, Managing Partner with PlumpJack, CADE and Odette Estate Wineries. “Today’s wine enthusiast is seeking exceptional wines, compelling stories and a high-end personalized service, all of which are as applicable on the gifting side as they are in our wineries.”

Many of today’s wine gifts are generically packaged with predictable food items and private label wines. Anyone receiving one of those gifts immediately sees how absolutely impersonal the gift is. A cellophane wrapped basket or generic wine gift box filled with no-name wines is not a B2B gift with any impact. “A highly curated wine gift will significantly reinforce the relationship and gratitude of the sender,” Sweeney says.

“Most wine consumers today research the provenance and reviews of a wine on their mobile devices. If the wine has no website, no story and no reviews on Vivino-like websites, it rings a bit hollow to them,” says Karen MacNeil, author of The Wine Bible.

“As a REALTOR®, I always search for the perfect gift to present to my clients at the closing table,” comments Riley Gerber, REALTOR® with Keller Williams, in Austin, Texas. “Now through The Gifted Wine Company, I can send bespoke wine gifts with a story relevant to my clients and our shared experience, which in itself will be memorable and a way to enhance my ongoing business relationships,” she adds.

Jim Sweeney has spent 30 years in the U.S. wine business. He’s also received more than his share of predictable cellophane-wrapped baskets.

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