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CO2 Membrane Contactor Skid Offers Fully Automated Adjustment of O2 and CO2 Levels


Peregrine Mobile Bottling will exhibit a CO2 Membrane Contactor Skid by K+H Process Tec, GmbH. The unit, with the hydrophobic membrane supplied by Liqui-Cel/3M, is a fully automated skid which adjusts O2 levels to a minimum and CO2 levels to set values. O2 and CO2 levels are measured and controlled inline by Hamilton and Anton Paar equipment respectively at the product outlet on a continuous basis.

The skid allows for applications in various areas of the winery; i.e., unloading trucks -> adjustment of both gases right during unloading of wine from tanker to the tank; tank-to-tank adjustments in the cellar -> no more N2 sparging required with loss of both gases and aromas plus necessary “rebuilding” of wine, or on the bottling line -> high O2 just prior to bottling can be reduced inline while pumping wine from tank to filler and CO2 can be held/adjusted to a set value at the same time.

Peregrine Mobile Bottling 
WIN Expo Booth: 817

Launched in 2010, Peregrine Mobile Bottling, LLC provides mobile wine bottling, mobile filtration, gas management, and commercial tent rental services to wineries of all sizes. Our professional team provides turnkey services through an entire project. Our company’s specific competence is in operating latest Filtration, Gas Management, and Bottling Technology as well as Project Management – We Pride Ourselves in Managing Complexity Well.

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