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Success Strategies Offers Executive Speaking Experience Workshops in Napa


Napa, California | October 21, 2018: Conquer your nerves and learn to dazzle your audience in the two-day immersion training course, the “Executive Speaking Experience,” scheduled for November 14th and 15th in Napa. The public speaking and communications skills course, limited to six participants, provides hands-on, practical, video-taped exercises for fast skills improvement. Taught by Success Strategies’ CEO and Executive Coach Lynda Paulson, she says, “This course has transformed past participants’ careers. Some go on to lucrative, in-demand speaking careers, including politicians and CEOs. Others have transformed their careers by gaining confidence and enjoyment speaking to large and small groups, from winemaker dinners to tradeshow conferences.”


The class includes individual, hands-on training sessions with personal coaching; 10 video tapings; written evaluations; practical feedback from peers; a manual with tips and techniques of presentation and communication skills; and a hard cover book, “The Executive Persuader,” by Lynda Paulson.

Students learn how to manage their jitters, think on their feet and develop poise and presence in front of an audience. Advanced skills such as handling confrontational issues are also taught along with learning to respond to audience Q&A with authority. Some past students have called it, “Life changing!”

“I’ve always been a bit intimidated about public speaking (my father was a highly respected speaker, you know what that can do to an offspring’s confidence.). So when I mustered up the courage to go to Lynda Paulson’s Executive Speaker’s Experience I wasn’t sure what I was in for. I can tell you it was an exceptional professional adventure!

“She works with a small group of only 6 people and does video!! The video quickly became a valued tool. Just like with skiing, it is incredibly helpful to see your mannerisms and bearing. I watched others grow and I literally was able to watch my own progress. We all walked away with more authentic style and confidence. Lynda Paulson, owner and coach, is a new CANVAS member and I highly recommend her workshop. We’re an industry of direct communication. Everyone can use some more confidence and polish…I recommend taking advantage of this unique training opportunity,” stated Colby Smith, Executive Director & Founder of CANVAS, Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma.


  • New speakers: Become aware of the perceptions created when you speak. Many report this is an extraordinary and eye-opening experience in this class.
  • Seasoned speakers: Understand what it takes to move to the next professional level in how you express yourself, your ideas.
  • Anxiety-ridden speakers: Go from fear to true enjoyment of speaking to groups with true, real confidence.
  • Everyone wishing to develop poise and polish.


  • Express your expertise in clear, persuasive language.
  • Learn what a “like-factor” is and how to get one.
  • Learn how to orchestrate an “air of confidence.”
  • Read and get buy-in from any audience.
  • Create and deliver a talk that people will remember forever.
  • Gain comfort and skill in how to inspire, inform and motivate.
  • Say good bye to “fear of speaking” forever.


An executive speech coach for more than thirty years, Lynda Paulson is renowned for teaching public speaking and communication skills to professionals from over 600 wineries and businesses in the U.S. and Europe. Her coaching techniques have been crafted over decades working with local clients such as the Cakebreads, the Mondavis, the Trincheros, the Martinis, the Wentes and management teams at more than 400 local companies. She has also taught public speaking at AT&T, American Express, Disney Corporation, Kaiser Permanente, Kodak, ING, IBM and many more throughout California, Oregon, Washington, New York, Canada and Europe.

“I find my clients learn best in intimate groups where they can ‘learn by doing’ to practice new skills. My style is focused on positive, constructive instruction. This allows participants to stretch their creative muscles and gain critical insights for success by learning in a safe and supportive environment,” stated Paulson. “It’s also essential to keep it fun,” she added with a wink.


In addition to its November class dates in Napa, subsequent “Executive Speaking Experience” workshops will be held in January and beyond in 2019. View the fall class schedule at http://successstrategiesinc.com/upcoming-ese-workshops/. Call 775.530.6119 or email [email protected] to reserve your space or ask about new workshops being added, or to plan a private session. Learn more or enroll at http://successstrategiesinc.com/. Or view/download the “Executive Speaking Experience” workshop flyer.