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Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry, Extra Dry White Port Now Available in the U.S. Market


(NEW YORK, NY – August 14, 2018) – World-renowned Port house Taylor Fladgate is excited to announce that Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port will now be available in the U.S. market, due to high consumer demand for the rising category of White Port. Taylor Fladgate pioneered dry white aperitif Port in 1934 and Chip Dry has built a devoted following throughout the world. Chip Dry is the common main ingredient in the White Port and Tonic—a popular Portuguese summer drink.

“We are proud to have been producing the highest-quality White Port for over eight decades,” says Adrian Bridge, CEO of The Fladgate Partnership. “And we are excited to watch the category continue to grow into new markets, particularly the U.S.”

Chip Dry is made from selected dry white ports produced from grapes grown in the Douro Superior, located in the eastern area of the Douro Valley. It was produced through the traditional port wine vinification method, which included adding neutral spirit to the must to halt fermentation and preserve some of the grape’s natural sugar in the finished wine. In the case of Chip Dry White Port, the spirit is added later, when much of the sugar has been converted into alcohol, producing a port of unusual dryness. The individual wines are matured separately in oak vats for between four and five years and then blended together shortly before bottling to give balance and character. As indicated on the label, serve Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry over ice or with tonic.

Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry White Port 

(19.7% ABV; $19.99 SRP)

Tasting Notes:

Pale, straw color. Delicate nose combining fresh fruit fragrances with the mellow aromas and hints of oak of a traditional white port. Fresh, lively palate, with good flavor and crisp, dry finish.

Food Pairings: 

Taylor Fladgate Chip Dry is traditionally served chilled as an aperitif. It can also be enjoyed over ice in a glass, topped up with tonic and a leaf of fresh mint. Accompanied by salted almonds or olives, it is the perfect aperitif.

Port & Tonic:

Made with one-part Chip Dry and two parts tonic, garnished with a lemon or sprig of mint, this beloved Portuguese staple is an easy and refreshing, low abv alternative to the Gin and Tonic.

For more information on Taylor Fladgate visit their website or social channels

About Taylor Fladgate:

Taylor Fladgate is one of the oldest Port houses, established in 1692, and celebrates its 325th anniversary this year. It has remained a family business since its foundation and is dedicated entirely to the production of the finest quality Port, from the planting of the vineyards and the cultivation of the grapes to the making, ageing, blending and bottling of the wines. The family’s commitment to the future of Port is demonstrated by its determination to preserve the unique environment of the Douro Valley through the promotion of sustainable and responsible viticulture.

The company is known above all for its elegant and long lived Vintage Ports, which are amongst the world’s most recognised, sought after and collectible wines. They are drawn from the firm’s three distinguished ‘quintas’ or estates, Vargellas, Terra Feita and Junco. Taylor Fladgate pioneered the LBV (Late Bottled Vintage) category and continues to be the category reference worldwide. It also pioneered dry white Port with the release in 1934 of Chip Dry, the first Port of this style, and was the first to develop the Single Quinta Vintage category. Taylor Fladgate is also regarded as one of the leading producers of Aged Tawnies and holds one of the most extensive reserves of cask aged Port.

About Kobrand Corporation

Kobrand Corporation was founded in 1944 and to this day remains one of the few family-owned wine and spirits companies. Kobrand’s portfolio of wine and spirits was meticulously selected according to a single, unerring principle: quality. This continued focus has made the Kobrand name synonymous with wines and spirits of the highest caliber for almost 75 years.

Kobrand is the exclusive agent for an outstanding selection of fine wines, including from France: Maison Louis Jadot, Chậteau des Jacques, Chậteau la Nerthe, Domaine Ferret, Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Champagne Taittinger, Chậteau d’Aquẻria, Bouvet-Ladubay, Michel Redde et Fils and Maison Saleya; from California: Cakebread Cellars, Sequoia Grove Winery, St. Francis Winery & Vineyards, Domaine Carneros, and Foley Estates Vineyard and Winery; from Italy: Medici Ermete, Tenuta San Guido (Sassicaia), Tenuta Sette Ponti, Tenute Silvio Nardi, Tenuta La Fuga, Tenute del Cabreo, Tenuta di Nozzole, Tenuta Campo al Mare, Tenuta TorCalvano, Spalletti, Masi Agricola, Michele Chiarlo, Medici Ermete, Tenuta di Salviano, Agricola Punica, Feudo Maccari, Fernando Pighin and Figli, Bollini and Caposaldo; from Spain: Bodega Don Olegario and Poema Cava; from Argentina: Alta Vista and Barda by Bodega Chacra; from Chile: Altamana; from New Zealand: Craggy Range Winery and Infamous Goose; from Portugal: Taylor Fladgate , Fonseca, Croft and Krohn; from Oregon: Resonance and from Washington State: Mullan Road and finally our Global brand: The Seeker. As well as the prestigious spirits of Alize, and the craft spirits portfolio, including from France: Delamain Cognac, Larressingle Armagnac, Belle de Brillet and L’Héritier-Guyot; from Italy: Tia Maria, Sassicaia and Michele Chiarlo Grappas, Lucano Amaro, Lucano Anniversario Amaro, Lucano Limoncello, Lucano Sambuca, Lucano Cordial Caffé. 

Kobrand Corporation is the owner of the Joto Sake portfolio from Japan.

More information on Kobrand is available at http://www.kobrandwineandspirits.com



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