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Cantina Tramin’s Epokale Awarded 100-Points by Robert Parker. It Is the First Time for an Italian White Wine

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Gewürztraminer Epokale 2009 is the first Robert Parker 100-point wine outside Tuscany and Piedmont. A historic result for Alto Adige region

Gewürztraminer Epokale by Cantina Tramin has been awarded Wine Advocate’s 100-point score. “A historic touchdown – remarks Wolfgang Klotz, Marketing and Sales Director at Cantina Tramin – It is the first time Robert Parker grants this recognition to a white wine in Italy and the first time the award goes to a wine not produced in Tuscany or Piedmont. We are very proud to have brought this recognition to Alto Adige region”.

Since the beginning of his career Robert Parker has tasted over 35.000 Italian wines and awarded the top score only 14 times so far, mainly to Barolo and Brunello. “We are honoured of receiving such a score. A great satisfaction that I want to share with our 150 associated families and all the team at the winery” discloses Willi Stürz, director of winemaking at Cantina Tramin, the man behind Epokale.

Epokale is the result of a long-term project by Cantina Tramin aimed at exploring Gewürztraminer ageing potential. In order to create this top-level wine, Willi Sturz has chosen two of the oldest vineyards, located near Nussbaumer mountain barn, on the south-east slope of Mendola mountain. 2009 vintage is Epokale first vintage. Less than 10% of grapes used were Botrytis-infected and were harvested at the end of October with a yield of about 45 tons per hectare.

After the soft pressing, the wine has remained on the lees for eight months before being bottled and carried to Monteneve silver mine in Val Ridanna, at 2000 metres above sea level. Epokale has been stored inside the mountain, 4 kilometres far away from the entrance, 450 metres below the mountain. Pressure, temperature (11°C / 52°F) and 90% humidity level are constant all year round.

“Epokale is a Spätlese wine (107 grams of residual sugar per litre) and represents an old-style version of Gewürztraminer typical of Alto Adige whose production has been abandoned two centuries ago. Many might have considered Epokale project a hazard. We are very happy our efforts have been understood and fully rewarded” reveals Willi Stürz.

Full tasting notes on www.robertparker.com

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