The new 2018 Edition winesave PRO, with easier-to-open packaging and higher-quality manufacturing.

Melbourne, Australia – 23 August, 2018 – Winesave, the premium wine preserver, has just launched the latest version of their flagship product “2018 Edition winesave PRO.”

With over ten million bottles of wine now estimated protected globally and independent endorsements from some of the world’s most prestigious wine experts, winesave has proven to be a safe and effective way to easily keep opened bottles of wine lasting longer.

The first to invent a handheld canister containing 100% argon gas back in 2009, for almost a decade Winesave has been providing wine lovers peace of mind to enjoy any wine a glass at a time, and equipping wine professionals with an easy and affordable way to protect wines served by the glass.

“The 2018 Edition of winesave PRO retains everything that our customers love, but returns to the original and admittedly easier-to-open packaging on the outside, combined with even higher quality manufacturing on the inside,” says Matthew Fisher, the new Managing Director of Winesave.

“Our goal is to give every lover of wine and every worker with wine, a little peace of mind. We thank our fellow wine savourers all over the world for their support and invite new customers to give our new version a try!”

Everything that has made winesave PRO the premium wine preserver remains:

  • Made with 100% all-natural, high-quality, food-grade, argon gas.
  • Protects up to 150 applications – the most in the market.
  • Attractive canister design with unique weighted base.
  • Ultra-repellant flexible hose dispenser.

Now, the 2018 Edition winesave PRO also has:

  • Returned to the iconic and easier-to-open cardboard box.
  • Modernised messaging on the outside.
  • Improved instructions on the inside.
  • ISO 9001 certified manufacturing.
  • Refined patent-pending design.

The 2018 Edition winesave PRO is immediately available for online ordering in Australia and the United Kingdom, followed by local resellers. It will be available for distribution soon in Canada, the rest of Europe, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand, and the United States. New distributors and resellers welcome worldwide.

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About Winesave: Winesave is a wine preservation company based in Melbourne, Australia. Invented in 2009, Winesave was the first to provide pure argon gas in a patent-pending handheld canister for preserving wine. It has since been used by wine lovers and wine professionals to protect over 10 million bottles of wine. Independently reviewed and endorsed by some of the world’s leading experts in wine and voted by Decanter Magazine as the Must Have Wine Accessory of the Year.