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Troly Wine Management Platform Launches New Website


Troly.io is the face of the wine management platform made by wine enthusiasts for wine enthusiasts

Today is an exciting day for the Troly team. It’s also a big day for the Australian wine industry. After a lot of hard work – many long days and nights in which far more coffee was drank instead of wine! – we’ve reached the next plateau is our goal to make life better for all Aussie wineries.

Today the troly.io website is officially ready for launch. With its launch, this business founded in Australia begins a very ambitious undertaking. To redefine the balance of power in the wine industry, and empower wineries to take charge of their vineyard operations from start to finish.

At the heart of this is the desire of the Troly team to not only provide a compelling product to the market, but to grow a new conversation about what it means run a winery in the era of disruption.

Troly has arrived on scene with the bold declaration ‘The wine industry is broken’. It claims to have the software that can fix it. On this basis alone, Troly is a must-watch new business in Australia. Now it’s website is live, the Troly team has joked ‘there is nowhere to hide’.

Yet while they’re embracing the attention won for being bold, Troly staff recognise there will be no overnight success. This reality is something Troly’s leadership actively instills in the team.

For Sebastien Tremblay, CEO & Co-Founder of Troly, the achievement is notable but ultimately a mile marker from his perspective of what is to come.

“While this is clearly a big moment, it’s also one my team and I feel some bemusement about. It is indeed a moment of progress, but really we feel there is much more to be done”, says Sebastien Tremblay, CEO & Co-Founder of Troly.

“Certainly it was a great feeling today to see the site officially go live. It’s launch represents a lot of hard work, and it was only last night when we all got together for a toast that it was recognised what a journey it’s been. Yet, we’re of course focused on the future, Avanti Sempre Avanti!”, says Mr Tremblay.

For further information about Troly visit their new website troly.io



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