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Inglenook Moves to Prestigious Bordeaux Négociants CVBG, DUCLOT and Maison JOANNE for International Distribution


RUTHERFORD, California (July 19, 2018) – Francis Ford Coppola, proprietor of Inglenook, is pleased to announce that Inglenook will now be represented internationally exclusively by three renowned négociant houses from Bordeaux: CVBG, DUCLOT and Maison JOANNE.

Inglenook is the largest contiguous estate on Napa Valley’s famed Rutherford Bench, one of the region’s finest areas for producing spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon. When Finnish sea captain and entrepreneur, Gustave Niebaum, founded the estate in 1879 he proclaimed that Inglenook would stand alongside the best wineries in Europe. Subsequent stewards John Daniel, Jr. and the Coppola family have preserved this legacy. Inglenook’s portfolio of award-winning wines has helped define and establish Napa Valley as a world-class wine region.  

“We are honored to be represented by CVBG, DUCLOT and Maison JOANNE,” said Coppola. “Inglenook already enjoys a prominent reputation internationally, but working with these three prestigious négociants will significantly increase Inglenook’s international exposure.”

Inglenook’s 2014 Rubicon, 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2015 Blancaneaux will be available internationally in September exclusively through the three négociants.

“Inglenook is very well-known within specialized circles, however, by working with three of the most well-established Bordeaux négociant houses, we will be able to extend our reach even further,” said Todd DeVincenzi, President of Inglenook. “Very few American wineries are represented in this way, and there are great synergies within the négociants’ portfolios, which will benefit the wine world as a whole.”

Inglenook will continue working with other distributors throughout North America and Central America.

“Inglenook, a historic winery of the Napa Valley, once again has the renown it deserves thanks to the vision and determination of Francis Ford Coppola,” said the négociants. “It is in the continuation of his vision for Inglenook that the international distribution of the signature wines has been entrusted to our three companies. We feel extremely privileged to have a role in the development of the international prominence and reputation of this remarkable winery.”

About Inglenook

Founded in 1879 by Gustave Niebaum as Napa’s first estate winery, Inglenook boasts an illustrious heritage, a renowned legacy of innovation and an outstanding portfolio of award-winning wines that have defined and established Napa as a world-class wine region. From Gustave Niebaum to John Daniel, Jr. to Francis Ford Coppola, Inglenook’s three principal stewards have shared a strong sense of vision and an unwavering passion to create a wine estate that hearkens back to the European tradition, producing original, distinctly Napa wines that rival the best in Europe.  It remains the largest contiguous estate on the famed Rutherford Bench, Napa Valley’s finest area for producing spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon.

The iconic Inglenook chateau was first constructed in 1887, and faithfully restored in 1997.  Befitting the grandeur of the Inglenook estate, the chateau welcomes guests for seated tastings and special events.  Experiences include tours of the Chateau, the Infinity caves, the vineyards, barrel tastings and culinary offerings under the direction of Winery Chef Alex Lovick who expertly pairs the wines with the seasonal, organic bounty of the expansive estate farm and orchards. 

About the négociant houses

CVBG: A major Fine Wine house renowned for its unparalleled distribution network, state of the art warehousing, and cutting edge information system, CVBG is committed to bringing added value and innovation to its loyal customers and the estates that entrusted it with their wines. www.cvbg.com

DUCLOT: A major distributor of top wines since 1886, the Duclot Group owns a stock of several million bottles and large formats. Duclot belongs to the Moueix family, owners of Petrus in Pomerol via their holding company Videlot. www.duclot.com

Maison JOANNE: Founded in 1862, Joanne is still family owned and run by 5th generation Pierre Antoine Castéja. Joanne’s inventory and warehousing are renowned throughout the market for providing impeccable provenance. Joanne is one of the largest exporters of Classed Growths. www.joanne.fr

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