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Vegan Wines Opens Online Shop; Adds Two New Wine Clubs


SANTA ROSA, Calif. — Vegan Wines, the U.S.’s first all-vegan wine club, announced today it has begun retail wine sales at VeganWines.com, and added two new wine clubs in response to wine lovers interested in reds and lower-priced wines.

Wines in the new online store were selected from Vegan Wine’s growing network of boutique vineyards and wineries. Current wines in the store include the 2015 Amista Gene’s Block Zinfandel and the 2016 Azari Corkscrew Dry Riesling, both featured in the March wine club shipment. Club members receive a ten percent discount on each purchase.

The new Starter Wine Club offers either two or three bottles (reds, whites, and sometimes rosé) selected by Vegan Wines. Each wine is priced at $25 or less, and club members can choose shipments every month or every other month.

The new Red Lovers Club offers three bottles of red wines (such as Zinfandel, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, or red blends) selected by Vegan Wines. These high-end wines range from $45-$60 per bottle, and shipments are sent every other month with detailed notes on all wines and original recipes developed to pair perfectly with each bottle. The standard wine club already launched offers three bottles at $30-$45 each every other month.

Future club shipments will include rare selections from French vineyards including Château Beauséjour in St. Emilion, Bordeaux, and Château Les Maubats in Roquebrune, Bordeaux.

Vegan Wines visits each winemaker to ensure the wines are vegan from the soil to the production. Wine fining and filtering may involve many animal products, such as isinglass (from fish bladders), gelatin (from animal hooves and sinews), chitosan (from crustaceans), albumin (from eggs), and casein (from milk). Vegan Wines goes the extra mile to ensure no slaughterhouse byproducts such as animal blood, bone, feathers, or fish waste are used to enrich and fertilize soil.

“People asked us for options at a lower price range and for a red-only club, and we are happy to have grown to the point where we can make it happen for them,” said Vegan Wines founder Frances Gonzalez. “Now with three wine club levels and the online store we’ve got options for everyone.”

Along with the new wine offers, Gonzalez and sommelier Sunny Gandara, DWS, CWE, have begun consulting with New York City and Las Vegas restaurants that want to offer a vegan wine program.

For more information visit http://veganwines.com.

About Vegan Wines

Vegan Wines began in 2018 to make buying vegan wines easier, to give boutique vineyards and wineries more exposure, and to raise awareness about the exploitation of animals in winemaking methods. Founded by Frances Gonzalez, a long-time vegan and wine enthusiast, with an assist from in-house sommelier Sunny Gandara, DWS, CWE, Vegan Wines offers unique wines that are animal-friendly ‘from the vine to the glass.’ Vegan Wines visits wineries across the U.S. and the world, touring vineyards and winemaking facilities, talking with owners and winemakers, and of course, tasting wines, to uncover rare and small-scale wines that are guaranteed vegan. Vegan Wines also offers the first online vegan wine club in the U.S., with hand-selected wines, special discounts, recipes, events, and more. For more information visit http://veganwines.com.

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