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Prosecco DOC Partners with Renowned Restaurants, Wine Experts, and Producers for National Prosecco Week


Masterclasses and Prosecco & Pizza Competition Exclusively for Trade and Press

May 31, 2018 – The Prosecco DOC Consortium, the entity that oversees production and quality of the hugely popular Italian sparkling wine, is pleased to announce the participants for its National Prosecco Week Masterclasses and Prosecco & Pizza Competition, taking place June 11-16th. These events will take place throughout the United States—New York, San Francisco, Miami, Denver and Chicago.

The Masterclasses, led by well-known wine experts in each city, will focus on teaching and showcasing Prosecco’s food pairing versatility with various dishes. In addition to celebrating the sparkling wine, presenters will also discuss misconceptions about the Prosecco category and how to recognize—and enjoy—authentic Prosecco.

Masterclasses | Location & Wine Experts

  • June 12: New York City; Black Barn with Sarah Tracey
  • June 12: Chicago; The Gage with Mary Ross
  • June 12: Denver; Tavernetta with Zachary Byers
  • June 13: Miami; Sushi Garage with Lyn Farmer
  • June 13: San Francisco; 54 Mint with Tim Marson, MW

Prosecco DOC will also host a Prosecco & Pizza Competition for industry professionals only at Ribalta pizzeria on June 11th . Four pizza makers (pizzaioli) will compete in front of a panel of five judges, which will include journalists, food influencers and widely respected pizza experts. The judges will evaluate the quality of each pizza and will select which one perfectly pairs with Prosecco.

Contestants Pizzaioli

  • Pasquale Cozzolino, Ribalta
  • Steve Spinelli, Porta
  • Josh Johnston Jordan Floyd, Barboncino
  • Flavio Garelli, Cacio e Vino


  • Rosario Procino
  • Hidy Chang
  • Sarah Tracey
  • Charles Scicolone
  • Morgan Raum

The Prosecco DOC Consortium is also thrilled to announce the producers who are participating in National Prosecco Week.

  • Astoria
  • Cà di Rajo
  • Castello di Roncade
  • Fantinel
  • La Marca
  • Mionetto
  • Piera Martellozzo
  • Serena Wines
  • Valdo
  • Villa Sandi

During National Prosecco Week, Prosecco DOC is hosting nationwide restaurant promotions such as Prosecco ‘by the glass’ specials and limited-edition Prosecco and pizza pairings, as well as various retail promotions for the public. Consumer parties will also be held in these cities in celebration of the famous Italian sparkler.

Stay tuned for more details about the many exciting celebrations and initiatives of Prosecco DOC. For more information on National Prosecco Week, please contact casaprosecco@colangelopr.com. To stay updated for upcoming events, follow Prosecco DOC on Facebook (@proseccodocusa), Instagram (@proseccodoc_usa) (#NationalProseccoWeek, #ProseccolovesPizza), and the Consortium’s official US websites, http://www.casaprosecco.com www.prosecco.wine/en.

About The Prosecco DOC Consortium:

Prosecco was granted the Controlled Designation of Origin status on July 17th, 2009, and the Prosecco DOC Consortium (Consorzio di Tutela della Denominazione di Origine Controllata Prosecco) was created on November 19th of the same year to coordinate and manage the Prosecco DOC. The organization unites the different groups of manufacturers—wineries, individual and associated vine-growers, still wine and sparkling wine producers—to ensure the designation continues to grow and that the production regulations are complied with.

About Prosecco DOC:

Prosecco DOC wines come in Spumante (sparkling), Frizzante (semi-sparkling) and Tranquillo (still) varieties. The wines are made from mainly the Glera grape, native to North East Italy for thousands of years, and can be combined with a maximum of 15% of the following grapes: Verdiso, Bianchetta Trevigiana, Perera, Glera lunga, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Pinot Nero. Prosecco Frizzante and Spumante varieties get their famous bubbles using the Secondary Fermentation production method, bottled under high pressure after fermentation in bulk tanks called autoclaves, as opposed to the traditional method, which bypasses the autoclaves and is used for other sparkling wine varieties. The end result is a brilliant straw yellow wine with fine, persistent perlage and aromas of white flowers, apple and pear. It is fresh and elegant on the palate with moderate alcoholic strength. For more information regarding Prosecco DOC, visit http://www.casaprosecco.com



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