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Oenodia’s STARS XF Wins 2018 I+Q Award for Innovation


Napa, CA. June 1, 2018. Oenodia North America, a specialist in membrane-based treatments for the wine industry, is excited to announce it has been awarded the prestigious I+Q Award for Innovation.  Oenodia, which is based in Napa, was honored specifically for its groundbreaking STARSXF technology which combines crossflow filtration with STARS for Tartrate Stabilization and pH Adjustment, without requiring an intermediate tank or multiple control functions, facilitating fast and automated processing.  Oenodia is part of a select group of companies to receive this award in 2018.

The I+Q Awards, which are part of the I+Q forum held annually in Napa, spotlight the most innovative products, services or processes for wineries.  Each year products are hand selected by the I+Q Advisory Board and the Wine Business Monthly editorial team solely on the criteria of innovation that lends itself to high-quality, ultra-premium winemaking.

This year’s winners received their awards at a ceremony following the Keynote at the 2018 I+Q on Thursday, May 23, in the Silverado Resort & Spa in Napa, California.

STARSXF is offered exclusively by OENODIA and enables winemakers to continuously filter and stabilize their wines. Its cutting-edge automation requires only one (1) operator to run the two technologies. STARSXF operates best at room temperature. It does not require an additional filtration step and reduces wine loss from approximately 3% to an astonishing minimum of < 0.3% (Crossflow Microfiltration with STARS).  The STARSXF technology is available through direct sales and through our STARS Mobile Service.

“This is a tremendous achievement for Oenodia and a reflection of our continued commitment to advancing sustainable winemaking processes,” states Oenodia’s Director, Yannick Le Gratiet, who travelled from France for the award ceremony. “It was a natural progression to team our already successful STARS process with crossflow in a single pass for efficiency and automation.   This is the future of winemaking.”

For more information, visit us online at oenodia.us or call Benoit Murat at 707.742.0693.  For STARS Mobile Service, contact Cliff Burmester at 707.287.7363.




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