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Russian River Valley AVA Wines Delivered Nearly 40% of Total Sonoma County Barrel Auction Earnings


Russian River Valley Winemakers Shine at SoCo Barrel Auction                                                                                

SANTA ROSA, CA—Russian River Valley Winegrowers (RRVW) along with its winery members supported Sonoma County Vintners’ 4th annual Sonoma County Barrel Auction with Russian River Valley lots raising $324,400— nearly 40% of total auction earnings. Russian River Valley was one of 17 American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) participating in the event, which brought in a record-breaking sum of $840,700 at MacMurray Ranch on April 20, 2018.

“It was exciting to be included in the Sonoma County Barrel Auction again this year,” said RRVW Board President Giovanni Balistreri. “Building on decades of collaboration between growers and winemakers, the demand for world-class Russian River Valley wines continues to rise. The auction is an important platform for our wines—and the stories behind them—to truly shine.”

In addition to individual winery lots, RRVW assembled seven of its most experienced winemakers on a single collaborative Pinot Noir lot. “Centuries of Russian River Valley” featured a combined 267 years of winemaking experience from esteemed winemakers: Bob Cabral (Bob Cabral Wines), Tom Rochioli (Rochioli Vineyard and Winery), Steve MacRostie (MacRostie Winery and Vineyards), David Ramey (Ramey Wine Cellars), Fred Scherrer (Scherrer Winery), Rod Berglund (Joseph Swan Winery), and Merry Edwards (Merry Edwards Winery).

“What a pleasure it’s been to collaborate with such an accomplished team of winemakers,” said David Ramey, owner of Ramey Wine Cellars. “Each component of the blend was outstanding in its own way—but collectively, the balance and harmony of the finished wine really stand out.  The Russian River Valley truly is a blessed spot for Pinot Noir in California.”

With a mere 20 cases produced, the RRVW lot sold for $23,000. This was one of 27 sought-after lots in the 2018 Sonoma County Barrel Auction with the iconic Russian River Valley AVA distinction.

About the RRVW

The Russian River Valley Winegrowers (RRVW) is a community of winemakers and farmers dedicated to producing exceptional wines that showcase nuance and diversity of the Russian River Valley neighborhoods. Our members are committed to preserving natural resources and the authentic farming heritage of this premier wine region known for award-winning Pinot Noir. For more information on the Russian River Valley, please email [email protected] or visit www.rrvw.org

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